A glimpse into the life of an Army wife

I guess that I should post a little introduction of sorts. I am Becca (31) and I am married to an Army soldier, Preston (24) and we are stationed at Ft. Polk, LA. We recently moved here from Savannah, GA. . . it was a definite culture shock. I still miss Savannah and the friends that I made there; in fact, I get teary eyed a few times a week just thinking about it. I even found myself referring to Savannah as ‘home’ the other day. As an Army wife, I have had to realize that now, home is where the Army sends us. We are a family, a team and WE are what makes a location home. The Army does not care that I loved Savannah and felt at home the first day that I set foot in the city. The Army does not care that I cried thousands of tears when I learned where our next duty station was. This is my life-moving to locations that I do not get to choose. Wow-it looks scary when I word it that way. Every couple of yrs or so, we will get orders to move somewhere and we basically have no choice in the matter-scary but exciting at the same time.

I have come to realize that it takes a special kind of woman to be a military wife. I am not saying that we are better than other wives; we just must have certain traits and skills. We have to be independent because often times our men are away due to deployments, trainings or hardship tours. We must be able to constantly adapt to new surroundings and circumstances. We must be able to relinquish control of our lives, to a degree, to the military. We must leave family and friends behind whenever we get orders to move. Rather than ‘in person friends’, at times we must rely on other means of support. We have to be able to reconcile, with our men and us. what they do when they are at war. For some, it’s not as difficult. . . . for others, they have seen and much that they do not want to discuss. At times we have to deal with PTSD, which is neither easy nor fun. I have seen PTSD tear apart marriages. Thankfully, it did not tear apart our marriage.

I have also found support in a wonderful message board-armywifechat.com. I joined the board shortly after I met my husband and I have made lifelong friends on there. It is wonderful to be able to login and know that these women know exactly what I am going through at any given time. I have met some of them in person and have made many lifelong friends on there. It is wonderful to know that no matter where we move, I will already have friends on that Army post.

Through my blog, I will give you insight into what life is like for an Army wife. I will be honest, forthcoming and I will even talk about the bad stuff. I love my life and I love my husband but I would definitely change a few things if I could. . . but I’ll talk about that in future blogs.


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