I want a do over

That’s right, I said it. I want a DO OVER!!!! *stomping my feet like a child* I want to go home and home for me is Savannah, GA. No, I did not grow up there and I lived there less than 2 years but it was home. From the moment I stepped foot in that city I felt at home. It is full of history and there is always something to do there. The Historic District, with all it’s squares and homes, is beautiful and unique. The beach was not far from Savannah and we loved spending time there, too.

On weekends when we were home, we’d take the dogs for long walks at Skidaway Island or in the Historic District and downtown. We had so many great local restaurants that we never had the chance to try. We had our bar where we made many friends. We had our regular Mexcan joint and regular Chinese place. I had a great hair stylist and had found a wonderful chirch. I had even started doing my photography again. . . .

Now we’re here in Fort Polk, LA and living in Leesville, LA. I like the townhome that we rent but I hate this city. That’s right I hate it here. I have been putting on a brave face and have remained pretty postive about everything but it all hit me today. There is nothing to do-and I mean NOTHING! The Army post is nice and there’s a 10 mile paved trail on it but that’s about it. Oh yeah, there’s a WalMart and a catfish place, too. My new job is about 30 min away in a neighboring town that is a little bigger, but still nothing good there either. To actually get to a mall, we have to drive to Alexandria. I did like Lake Charles when I went there (I will be training there for my new job) but it’s an hour and a half away. It was definitely my fave city that I have seen here.

I want a DO OVER and I don’t want to be here. Sometimes the Army makes me so mad! Why couldn’t they have put him Ft. Stewart? Why couldnt they have put him on a post with an actual decent size city near it! They say that ‘Home is where the Army sends you’ but I don’t think that I will ever feel at home in Leesville. Usually I would be unpackedby now and have pictures on the wall, but there are still boxes and there are only a couple of pics on the wall. It just feels like this is a temporary stop, not like it’s a home for us.

All of this started because I was looking at coffe table book of historic Savannah today. It really hit me, we don’t live there any more. I don’t get to shop on Broughton St or take the dogs to River Street any more. We don’t get to drive 40 to Tybee Island any more. Damnit-I am getting teary eyed. I hate not being there. I want to go home.


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  1. Christie Clark

    Hey Becca, I hear you on Fort Polk. It can be a shock, but I have to admit I miss it… or maybe it’s just him I miss. *shrug* You’ll have to check out Toledo Bend when you get the chance, it’s nice out there… also, your employment piqued my curiousity. I don’t suppose it’s BMH? I actually worked there for about a year… anyway, good luck getting adjusted. Having been to Savannah/Tybee myself I know that Fort Polk is a far cry, but it does have it’s (*hidden*) charms. Have you been to Hana’s yet? 😉

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