Starting a new job

I have been busy for the past few days; learning my way around my new job. I am now a nephrology social worker and have no background in it at all. I applied for this job and wanted this job. . . but now that I got it I am starting to feel overwhelmed. My background is in child welfare social work-I have done it for 7 years. Over the past year I became very disillusioned with the child welfare system and decided that PCSing would be a great time for a career change. . . . no I am not so sure.

I work at a dyalisis clinic (2 clinics, actually) and until now I have really not known anything about dialysis. I knew that it was used by those with ESRD (end stage renal disease) but I didnt know anything else about it. Now I have to learn about Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and all of the medical terms that go along with it. I will also be dealing with death on a regular basis; the clinic where I am training lost 3 patients it the past week! I talked with my friend, Beth (also a social worker) about it and she reminded me that I am capable of learning new things and recommended that I do some nephrology research online, which I am definitely gonna do. Well, I wanted a challenge. . . guess I got it!

DH (dear husband) and I have also come to the realization that we must make some major changes to the way we spend money. For the next few months there will be NO eating out and NO spending on anything but needs. Thankfully my new emplyer will issue scrubs to me so I wont need to buy work clothes which will save us money. There’s also not alot, actually not anything, fun to do in this town so we arent tempted to go out and spend. Usually we spend money on DVDs, alcohol, junk food, etc but that is all about to change. We’ve also decided to change our dogs from the expensive dog food to a less expensive brand. Hopefully we can dig ourselves outta this hole by this time next year.

I am exhausted right now so I apologize if spelling or punctuation isnt great. I have been getting up with DH and walking our dogs for 45 minutes every morning this week. It’s great for my health and the dogs’ health but I am definitely not used to it. Next week I will start adding yoga to my morning exercise routine so that I can get toned and flexible again 🙂 Ok, I think that it’s now time for hot tea and bed. Nighty-night!


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