Soldier killed in training

Last night my DH got a call that formation would be about 45 minutes earlier this morning. His SGT didn’t say why and no one seemed to know why. When he came home after PT I asked him about the early formation-it was because a soldier in their unit was killed last night in a normal training exercise. Killed in training. . . that’s not supposed to happen. He wasn’t in a helicopter or even in a combat training. He was driving a big truck like thing that flipped and landed on him. We’re not supposed to have to worry about our men when they leave for ‘regular’ Army work in the morning. . . we’re supposed to worry about them when they are deployed.

It was just such a reality check for me. I can’t imagine his wife’s reaction. I would have been in total denial. I would have been screaming, “No, you must be wrong. MY husband was just doing normal driving training. He’s not deployed. This is not supposed to happen.” I pray everyday that I never hear that knock at the door, see that car in my driveway or see those men at my front door.


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  1. Emily

    This made me cry. My thoughts are with his family.

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