Too damn hot and super fleas

I am sick of the heat. It is just too hot here. . . way hotter than it was in Savannah. Apparently the heat and everything else here has made the local fleas damn near invincible. We are currently treating Chloe (lab/pit mix) for fleas b/c she is allergic to them. . . she’s quite pitiful but is doing better. We keep flea treatment on our furbabies and we bath the dogs every month but apparently these Cajun fleas are tough to kill. Just one more reason I hate this place.

Seriously, Ft. Richardson is looking like a great option right now.


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One response to “Too damn hot and super fleas

  1. Amanda

    Honestly, I can’t believe the number of brides I have heard from that she ripped off. It’s so sad! I have told everyone to file with the Better Business Burueau and I am going to try to get some money back if at all possible.

    We redid our ceremony because I couldn’t live with the parking garage. It was small, but wonderful, so I definitely say you must do that!!

    Hope you get your pictures soon

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