I guess it’s time for an update

Wow, I haven’t been on here in forever!!! Our laptop is kaput and blogging on my iPhone is definitely not the easiest thing but I have figured out that work doesn’t block this site-WOOHOO!!!!!!! I’ve also decided to not only talk about the Army life but also TTC while in the Army.

Well, we still live in Suckville, LA but we definitely have plans to move from here. We have pretty much decided that we want to go to Ft. Campbell. P says that the 101st the only regular Army unit that he wants to be a part pf b/c they are the most squared away. Of course I know that will mean at least one deployment while we are there but I know that he wants to deploy again before getting back into the Spec Ops world. I don’t know when this PCS will occur but I know that he wants to stay here a few more months to go to more schools and learn more things.

We are almost at the 21 month mark with TTC. We are trying OPKs, Metformin and Letrozole for this cycle and the following 2 cycles. If we don’t get pregnant then I will have laparoscopic surgery to see what’s going on in my body. Hopefully we won’t have to get to that point but if we do then we do. I just hope that we don’t end up with a litter. Twins would be fine but more than that and I would probably have a nervous breakdown.

The Metformin helps with insulin resistance (part of my dealing with PCOS) and the Letrazole stimulates estrogen output. I take the Letrozole CD 5-9 and during those days it inhibits estrogen production. After I stop taking my body super produces estrogen (and hopefully eggs) in an attempt to make up for the days it wasn’t producing. I am now on CD 16 and day 5 of fighting nausea, one of the wonderful side effects. There have been times in the past few days that I thought I would not be able to make it through the day without hurling!!!

Let me also share the joy of OPKs and peeing in a cup. I never thought that I would pee i na cup so much in my life!!! I opted for the dip strip OPKs rather than the stick kind because of cost. Well I get my best reading around noon so I have to take the strip and the cup to work and do it there!!! So yeah, I pee in a cup at least once a day, CD 10-whenever AF comes or I get a positive OPK. I’ve become quite the expert now, LOL!

Thankfully TriCare has been covering all of the costs (except OPKs and HPTs)thus far and will continue to cover the vast majority of the cost. We are so ready to be parents and every month we anxiously wait to see if AF shows up or not. Wonderful friends have already given some boy clothes to us and I have already started to buy burp clothes, books and little things here and there. I’ve been looking at nursery bedding and accessories as well and I have definitely decided that I want a modern looking nursery. P and I have also looked at some of the cutest punk baby clothes and I can’t wait to dress our little one in some super cute clothes! For so long I wouldn’t allow myself to really think about being a mom b/c I was scared of the disappointment and scared of becoming depressed while TTC. Now I have come to embrace the fact that we will somehow become parents and I am getting excited!!!

And yes, we have a boy name picked out and are working on a girl name. . . and no I won’t share the names b/c I don’t want anyone to steal them :-p


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  1. our kids love nursery beddings with thick flannel sheets because they keep them warm and comfortable *:;

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