Thursday is usually my Friday

I am usually off on Fridays but tomorrow I have to come in for a couple of hrs after my eye dr appt. We have a new pt that started on Wednesday while I was working in another clinic and apparently this pt is VERY sexually inappropriate with staff. My boss wants me to come in and sit on the clinic floor during this dude’s treatment to observe and step in if necessary. Soemitmes being a SW isn’t all it’s cracked up tp be :-p

Well, I am on CD 17 and still no positive OPK. I am starting to think that maybe I don’t ovulate. I know that I can make eggs-I’ve seen them on ultrasound-but maybe they don’t drop or my ovary doesn’t catch them. That would really suck if that’s the case b/c that means we move directly to IVF which means a bigger chance of having a litter of children. We really don’t want a litter, just on or two at a time would be great 🙂

P got 2 unit coins today! I am so proud of him. His CSM and another higher up gave him the coins due to him passing Ranger School with no recycles and only having a few days to prepare for the school. This unit has really been the best thing that’s ever happened to us as far as the Army and P’s career. I hate the town but definitely love the unit and love the fact that my hubby is getting the respect that he has earned.


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