Living like Donna Reed

Well, I quit my job and never have to return to it.  It was a joint decision between the hubs and me.  Not only was I tired of driving 1-3 hr round trip 4 days per week, I had some serious ethical issues while working there.  I worked in a dialysis facility and of course our patients had insurance ranging from commercial (high pay) to Medicare and Mediaid (low pay).  Many times I saw the difference in treatment and attitude depending on the insurance and it sickened me. For example, after the hurricanes-which caused most of our patients to evacuate-our high pay commercially insured got personal phone calls checking on them and letting them know when the clinic was open.  Our Medicare/Medicaid recipients got no phone calls and many were stuck in disgusting shelters because they didn’t know that we were back up and running.  In another instance a patient died because he was obviously allergic to his dialyzer (the filter to the blood runs through to clean out toxins) but the doctor wouldn’t change the dialyzer due to cost.  Of course no one told the family that and they just assumed that he died from his failing kidneys. The whole damn place really made me sick. Don’t get me wrong, there were many employees who cared about the patients but those employees were not the ones who could make policy changes.  So I left and feel much better. 

Today I completed Day 2 of being Donna Reed.  It’s actually quite nice because now our entire home is clean, most of the laundry is done and I already know what we are having for dinner.  I also don’t feel drained by the time P gets off work so we can workout together and then actually enjoy our evening.  Of course, I am looking for a job to help with our finances-dang CC debt and child support-but I am only looking close to home and looking in fields that I know I will enjoy.  So far I have applied for 5 on post jobs but 2 of them had closed by the time I submitted my application.  I am considering becoming a certified lifeguard again and applying for that on post as well. 

Our path to becoming greener is slow but we are getting there.  This week we made the decision to not buy any more paper towels and just use rags and towels for cleaning.  I also plan to buy some simple cloth napkins to use at dinner time.  It’s nice that P is on board with becoming green because it makes it that much easier.  I am also looking into making my own soaps and bread. . . yes, I have time on my hands. 

We still don’t have a working computer so I apologize for my blogging being somewhat sporadic.  While I am in my Doona Reed phase I plan to make to the on post libraby everyday to blog, look for employment and mess around on the internet.  Maybe I’ll even post what I learn about homemade soaps and breads.


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  1. Emily

    Oh I like the rag idea! You just inspired me!

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