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Here’s the whole saga to getting Connor, P’s son, on TriWest.

Since Lexy decided to drag things out and P learned that he might not be C’s dad, P requested a paternity test. It took forever to get the test done-Lexy skipped court hearings, fired her attorney, got a new attorney, promised to do the test then didn’t-so C was 1 yr old before we found out that P was the father. At that time Lexy refused TriCare and had C on Medicaid. Lexy stated that she had called TriCare and that Connor was NOT on TriCare (this turned out to be a lie). Stupid us, we believed that she’d called TriCare.

Last yr when everything was finalized we got together all the TirCare paperwork and P completed his parts. We sent the packet to Lexy with instructions on how to complete it, phone numbers to call, etc. First she said that she “didn’t have time” to do it (it would’ve taken less than 5 min) and then she said that she lost it. So we sent her another packet. She sent in that packet but it got sent back to us b/c she didn’t freaking sign it I called TriWest and it turned out that Connor had TriCare since the day he was born. THe lady told me that Lexy needed to fax that court paperwork regarding custody so that she could make appts, get records, etc. We sent Lexy a certified letter telling her all of that.

Ok, that was literally 9 months ago. Lexy called P on Saturday saying that she still couldn’t get any info from TriWest regarding C. *Ummm, ok. . . why has it taken you 9 months to figure this out? It’s not like you are working much these days and why haven’t you called sooner to tell P this???* P told her that he’d to it on Monday because there’s nothing that he could do on the weekend. He asked her if C was ok and she said that he had a cold. Ok, fine. I get on my iPhone and get the number to the nearest MTF, which is in Los Angeles-very close to her. P text messages her with the name, number and hours of the MTF clinic so that she can take him on Monday. She then says that she has to work and “doesn’t have time to take him”. Mind you, on her CafeMom page he has said before that he has asthma AND she called on a Saturday to get insurance info but now she doesn’t have time to take him to the dr.

Here’s the kicker. Yesterday I am finally fed up with her sh*t so I start calling TriWest. (P is swamped with training for Best Ranger Competition and does not get home in time to call TriCare.) It took me literally 10 minutes to fix everything. I sent her emails after every phone call so that she would know exactly what to do. The thing is, she could’ve called TriWest herself and figured out all of this- I didn’t have to give a name, SSN or anything. I just explained the situation to the TriWest rep and asked what Lexy needed to do.

So P called her last night to be sure that she got the emails and knew what to do. Apparently she was not too thrilled and basically just said, “Yeah, I got it. I’ll do it.” She is so freaking lazy!!!!!! I mean seriously, C is not my child and I was able to straighten this sh*t out in less than 10 minutes!!

P will be calling her on a weekly basis to be sure that this gets done. I told him that if it’s not done in a month, he needs to send something to the child support court and let the court know that he’s done all that he can.

The best part about all this is that C has to get a military ID in order to go to the dr since Lexy is no longer a dependent. Him having a military ID means that eventually, he will know that he has a dad, will know who his dad is and will be able to find us. Lexy is a piece of work and will not let us see C nor will she email pics to us.

Fertility update:
Surgery is Feb 13th (have I blogged that already) and my pre-ops (that’s right plural) are this Thursday and Friday. Heaven forbid the Army actually put them both on one day and be time efficient. I think that P is more worried about the surgery than I am. This will be my 2nd surgery-first one was a septoplasty-so I know what to expect from the anesthesia. P does not and he’s actually concerned that I will die on the table, bless his heart. Our first anniversary is on the 16th so we will be celebrating late on the 2oth. Supposedly it will take me 3-5 days to recover…..I’m betting on 5. My body likes to take it’s time to recover. If the dr finds nothing wrong, then we can try on our own some more (with infertility meds) or he can refer us to the MTF clinic in San Antonio where they do IUIs and IVFs. Thankfully the MTFs that do these services do them at a very low cost compared to what would pay in the civilian world. If the dr finds something wrong, then he will (hopefully) fix it and then will advise us from there. We should know our options when we leave the dr’s office after the surgery.

Job Hunt:
I am no longer a nanny. The lady text messaged me at midnight one night and told me that her hours were cut and they couldn’t afford to have a nanny. I think that her husband just didn’t want to pay for anyone period.

As I was typing the above paragraph I got a voicemail from the main PX wanting me to interview tomorrow for a position. *sigh* Is this what my life has come to? I know, I know-I’m the one that quit my last job but ethically, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I worked retail for many yrs and it wasn’t awful but f*ck, I would really rather work with kids. I put in an application with CYS (on post daycare) a few weeks ago and heard nothing. Seriously people, I am way over qualified to work in a daycare. Ehh, I guess I’ll at least go interview tomorrow. We need a computer and we can’t get one until I am bringing in money again.


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