Update from Podunkville

Infertility Update:
I have to go back the day before surgery just for a type and screen blood test in case they need to give blood to me

After 2 hrs and 10 minutes my appt is finally over! There was a lot of paperwork to be completed by the nurse-that definitely took the longest. Who knew there were 10 different ways to ask you if you have a latex allergy! I will be under general anesthesia on surgery day and have to use a spirometer (?) for a few days after surgery to be sure that fluid doesn’t settle in my lungs. The morning of surgery I will pee in a cup at home (cup and label provided by the Army) so that the dr can do a quick pregnancy test before he starts the procedure. If I am the first surgical pt then I should be home by lunch time. If not it’s gonna suck b/c I can’t eat/drink anything after midnight the night before.

My BP was 106/66 (woohoo!) but my temp was 99. . . not sure why b/c I usu have a lower than normal body temp but I feel fine so I’m not worried. The night before and the morning of surgery I have to wash with a special soap provided by the dr. They did a CBC on me today and my MRSA test results should be back Monday. I have to call the day before the surgery to find out my time.

THe day of surgery I will check in with Admissions and then go to the Surgical Pavillion with my pee cup. They will take my pee and then P and I will just chill in the SP waiting room until they call me. After the surgery I will go to Recovery Phase 1 the Recovery Phase 2. I have to be able to hold down a snack-juice and crackers-and pee before I can leave. While I’m in Recovery P will take my ID card and get my drugs from the pharmacy. Once I leave I can bascially do nothing for the first 24 hours other than relax at home and have P wait on me hand and foot =)

Job update:
Tomorrow I interview for a postion in Customer Service at the PX. It’s not a great job but at least it’s not working a cash register.

I still can’t get the damn website to work so I can apply to be a SW or a Dietetic Technician at BJACH. That bitch better be up and running soon. Today I am applying for another postion at CYS, the Army daycare.

I am excited about tonight =) P and I will be heading to Amy and Alan’s house to celebrate Hino getting out of the Army. We will eat, we will drink, we will be merry and for a few hours we might even forget that we live in hell.


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