The post op appointment that almost wasn’t

Ok, so here goes. . . .

I left my house early to get to my 1300 appt b/c I knew that traffic is heavier at lunch. Well, it took me 45 fucking minutes to get to the dr’s office-it normally takes me maybe 15. I get there and the receptionist was rude about me being late even though I told her about the traffic and let her know that it was a post-op appt. She loudly talked to the head nurse who told me that I’d have to reschedule b/c it was already time for Dr. M’s next appt. I was about to burst into tears so I said that I’d call back to reschedule and I walked off.

I knew that I couldn’t walk through the hospital bawling so I sat down on the floor by the elevators, crying and proceeded to write 3 expletive filled text messages to P about the whole situation. I was crying, wiping tears and about to rant about it on here when Dr. M walked down the hall and saw me. He stopped and asked me why I was sitting on the floor crying. I proceeded to tell him that they told I couldn’t see him, etc and he laughed (not loud; more like a giggle) and waved me up and walked me back to the exam room saying “of course I’ll see you.” *sticking out my tongue* <——what I wanted to do to those meanie bitches as I walked past.

Now the real update:
I am healing well but I do have Stage 2 (there are 5 Stages) endometriosis. The only real scar tissue is on my right ovary. The good news is that there were no cysts on my ovaries =) We talked options and he made a referral for a consult at Womack (FYI-Wilford Hall in San Antonio is not taking ANYONE right now for IVF) and I think Walter Reed. IUI is still a possibility but if we wanted to do that locally we’d be paying out of pocket about $1000. I called P and told him that I had agreed to the consult. He wasn’t super excited but I explained that it was just a consult and that we agreed to talk more about everything tonight when I get home.

FYI-there is no real reason to explain why lower stages of endometriosis cause infertility though about 30% of infertile women have it. Also, treating endometriosis does not seem to raise fertility rates in infertile women. I asked him about it getting worse and he said that worsening was a distinct possibility which is why I really need to get preggo as soon as I can.

Oh, and my dr hugged me when I left and said “Do you know how you looked, sitting there crying in the hall? I’m sorry that you had to get upset.” I told him that after 2 yrs of fertility meds I was used to crying at the drop of a hat and that if I had just left, he’d never have seen me πŸ˜‰ Seriously, love this dr!



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3 responses to “The post op appointment that almost wasn’t

  1. My very first appt at my RE I encountered a very rude receptionist as well. I was maybe 15 minutes late and already a bundle of nerves. She proceeded to tell all the staff that “the schedule will be thrown off for the rest of the day, blah, blah, blah…” I was so pissed. We now refer to her as Ursula from Little Mermaid (she looks like her…and is pretty much evil πŸ˜‰

  2. liberalgranolagirl

    How can these people who work there be so hateful? I mean, if you are having infertility issues the LAST thing you need is a bitchy office worker, especially when you are on those meds!

  3. Seriously…the first person you see should be the warmest. That’s not rocket science. We are all crazy hormonal and emotional…and that is certainly the last place we all want to be…hello?!

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