Slowly my quality of life is improving

I abso-freaking-lutely love my new job!!!! I have been here a week and I am already acclimated to the workload and am helping clients. I haven’t mastered the resume wizard stuff yet but I can schedule clients and do some other things. Hopefully in a month or so I will be doing briefs on my own =) It’s amazing how being in a job you enjoy can lift your spirit.

The one “eh” side to my job is the dress code. I haven’t had to wear business casual attire in a year so my closet needs some replenishing. I am slowly building my professional waredrobe back to an acceptable level but it is difficult to do given that I am limited on funds and stores. Anyone want to nominate me for “What Not to Wear” so I can get new clothes??

I have also decided to set up a Paypal account to help raise funds for P and I have to have IVF. There is no way we can save enough money quickly enough to do it due to our outrageous credit card debt. Yes, we are aware that we were terribly financially irresponsible and we will never do it again. After our state tax refunds come in we should be able to pay off one and a half cards which will leave us with 3 and a half to go. Thankfully with my new job and us cutting down on stupid expenses (i.e. energy drinks, massive amounts of alcohol) we should be able to start paying those down in a reasonable amount of time.


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