It’s open!

The White House is open for questions and voting. Check it out and make your voice heard.
Open for questions



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5 responses to “It’s open!

  1. Mike

    11 of the first 100 questions are from people wanting to legalize pot. This should be really useful.

  2. liberalgranolagirl

    Actually the legalization is a pretty hot issue and one that could generate a lot of money for this country so to me it IS a useful question. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers and it used to be a strong cash crop. So yes, asking the President about legalization is not unexpected.

    But the joy of that website is that if you don’t like the questions, you can submit your own or vote on the ones that you DO like and agree with it. You actually have the power to make your voice heard.

  3. Mike

    Yeah, right. Make my voice heard. Do you really think Obama gives one wit about what you think?
    He cares about two things. Figuring out a way to get you to waste your vote on him again, and sticking his hands in your wallet to extract every penny he can.

    Hope and Change my butt. More like Smoke and Mirrors.

    • liberalgranolagirl

      Actually, yes I do think he cares. I think that he cares way more than past presidents. In fact after reading one of his books and looking into his history, he is all about change, hope and listening to others’ needs. For me it’s quite refreshing and I find it a very positive change from the past administration.
      It’s quite obvious who you voted for 😉 And the only vote wasted is the one not cast.

  4. Mike

    Bush sucked. Obama sucks way worse. And neither the Republicans or Democrats will stand up and defend the Constitution.

    That’s the problem. There isn’t one politician you can trust. I voted for Clinton twice, Bush twice and you know what? They sold this country out.

    But, hey. The guy can shoot hoops.

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