back on drugs, hopefully

I just emailed my dr here on post, the one who’s been helping with our infertility issues. Why did I email and not call you ask? Well b/c I am hoping to avoid actually going into see him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fantastic doctor but if I don’t have to waste his time and mine neddlessly. I KNOW that his cranky office staff would insist on my making an appt so I figured that the email was easier.

I am back on Metformin-took a break last week due to the flu like illness-and hopefully the good dr will put me back on Femara while I wait for the IVF/IUI consultation. I didn’t ovulate this month, or at least had no signs, so I am relatively confident that he will put me back on the medication.

So far my hubby has been normal since hitting the power lines. Well, he’s as normal as can be expected. He has not slept well for the past 2 nights and he has those 2 minor burns that are healing. he played the electrocution card last night to get out of helping me clean house. . . big baby.

Work is slow today so the day has creeped by. So far I have scheduled all of the remaining monthly bills to be paid, totalled up our credit card debt, developed a plan to pay off credit card debt and decided what to cook for supper tonight (meat and cheese stuffed manicotti, crusty bread, spinach salad) and tomorrow night (crockpot chicken salsa) as well as ideas for breakfast (Mexican breakfast casserole or hashbrown chicken casserole) this weekend. Just call me Martha Stewart.


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  1. Jen

    Hey, interesting blog. I’m going through the same thing and am also at Polk. I love the doctor they referred me to down in Lafayette. He and his staff are really helpful and dare I say it–really nice. 🙂 I’m glad your husband is okay after the power lines. That’s so scary.

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