Winds of change are blowing

So, I stepped on the scale this morning after a weekend of excess everything. I stepped on the scale and it wasn’t pretty; it said 139.4. Now to many people that is a fine maybe even awesome number to read on the scalse but that it literally about 7 pounds more than what my scale usually says. I should have expected it. I ate like crap Saturday and Sunday, drank way too much alcohol and I haven’t set foot in the gym for 2 weeks. I guess that I hoped that my metabolism had somehow magically increased and the number would be the same.

My husband will be off playing GI Joe for a few weeks so I have decided to challenge myself while he’s gone. The challenge will be to go back to being the girl that he met 3 yrs ago. The girl that worked out at least 6 days per week, no matter what (well, unless I was sick obviously). The girl who went to the gym after work on a daily basis and challenged myself for at least 90 minutes. The girl who looked good in a bikini, had visible leg muscles and could do 45 pushups. Yep, that’s who he met and fell in love with.

Now my hubby loves me and thinks that I am hot-can’t keep his hands off me-but I know that I don’t look or feel as good as I did back then. I want to be able to wear a bikini by the pool and not worry about sucking in my stomach. I want to comfortably fit back into my size 6 jeans. I want arms like Michelle Obama.

So here’s the challenge:
1. No alcohol for the time that hubby is gone. Seriously, I can cut A LOT of calories and save money by not drinking alcohol. Drinking has become such a weekend habit for me. Drinking wine while I read, drinking beer while we fish, drinking sake with sushi, etc. I’m sure that my liver will appreciate this break. Even after he gets home I think that I will only allow myself to drink one day per week.

2. Quit smoking FOR REAL. Again, can save money and cut my risk of cancer. I have cut down and there are days that I go without smoking so I’m already on my way. Plus not drinking out will definitely help with this goal.

3. Workout 6 days per week. I work one street away from the gym. This should be a no brainer. I’m going to try this whole muscle confusion thing and hopefully will see big results over the next 4 weeks.

4. Read 2 books per week. This really shouldn’t be too difficult.

5. Cut down on eating out. We have been incredibly lazy on the weekends and tend to eat out. I may or may not keep my Friday breakfast treat-latte and McMuffin. Truthfully, I could make a better, healthier version of a McMuffin at home. Hmmm, might just do that.

6. Print out pictures, frame them and hang them on our walls. We are going to be here at least another 6-9 months, it’s about time that I do this one.

I like challenges. I’m excited. Plus I can’t wait to see the look on my hubby’s face when he sees that the old me is back.


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