maybe baby

Ok, we are not pregnant-mother nature confirmed that today. However, an interesting thing has happened and we might be getting a baby next month. Might, I am trying not to get hopes up just yet. In fact I won’t get my hopes up until I have the legal papers in my hands. I am allowing myself to do some preliminary planning, though like looknig for a daycare, calling JAG about what papers are needed to get the baby on DEERs, etc. At guess at this point y’all might want an explanantion…..

My hubby, P, has a sister, R, who has some mental health and substance abuse issues. Last year she gave birth to a precious baby girl named S. Well R has no decided that she cannot care for baby S and she wants us to take full custody of her. She called P who is currently in GA and told him. How did P tell me you ask? Well he had called me about 5 times yesterday. He called me back the 6th time and said “Oh, I forgot to tell you. R wants us to take her baby.” WHAT? Yeah, he was so nonchalant about it, like someone was asking us to take their puppy. I of course agreed to it and P reminded me that we would still continue on our pregnancy quest even if we actually got baby S-well duh, yes we will continue. I want to be pregnant with my husband’s child.

Anyway, after lots of texting between R and me yesterday, she let me know that she would be flying into New Orleans on May 24th in the evening. That actually works out well because P will be on block leave and P’s father will be in town visiting us. I am also off work the next day b/c it’s Memorial Day. I am thinking that we will drive to New Orleans Saturday morning, hang out and see the city (I’ve been there a few times, P and his dad haven’t), get the baby on Sunday evening and then drive back home Sunday night.

Even though she has a flight booked I am not getting my hopes up. Seriously, she could change her mind at any second but I am praying like crazy that she doesn’t. My boss thinks that we should go ahead and start a baby registry and I am considering doing that. My Army wife message board friends are already offering baby clothes, toys and supplies which is awesome. I seriously have some fantabulous friends. I feel like if I start planning too much I will jinx it and she will change her mind. Now I have an inkling of what it feels like to be an adoptive parent waiting for the birth mom to have the baby and sign away rights….nerve racking to say the least.

So here I wait for the next 39 days, hoping and praying that it all goes smoothly and she doesn’t change her mind. Yeah, I don’t think that I’ll be sticking to my challenge of not drinking at all until P gets home. Waiting requires at least a little wine.



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3 responses to “maybe baby

  1. I hope everything works out! wow!

  2. *Fingers crossed* for you!!

  3. Becca

    Wow! That’s a crazy story! Kind of ironic that I called it a “crazy” story! Good luck with that!! Remember, I’m just a knock away if you need anything!

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