After much research yesterday, here is what I have found out about getting baby S. First, R has to pick up and complete the paperwork in the “guardianship package.” Then the paperwork gets submitted, there is a court date and the judge approves (hopefully) the guardianship. The judge then has to approve us moving the child out of state. Provided the judge approves moving S out of state (doubt he/she would care since the mother of the child is cool with it) we then have to get guardianship in our state. Why is everything so complicated?? She says she can’t care for the child and we CAN care for the child, so let us take care of S. I realize that all of this red tape is to protect S but it’s just frustrating.

Today I am hungover b/c I drank too much wine with Amy last night. yeah, I realize I broke my goal of not drinking alcohol while P is gone but it’s Leesville, there’s nothing to do and I was/am frustrated about this whole guardianship thing. I doubt that I will be drinking tonight, though. Hangovers suck.



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2 responses to “complicated….

  1. Emily

    I feel like wine will be drunk still :p

    And boo complication.

  2. Amy

    I’m glad you came. I needed the company too.

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