Back to normal

Hubby is home so my routine is back to normal again. I am cooking, cleaning and exercising again. It feels good.

I have been having upper back, neck and shoulder pain on my right side for years now. A few years ago I had some testing done-inconclusive-and then received a nerve block which helped for quite a while. This past week I had an appt with a local orthopaedic dr and his PA is referring me for 2 MRIs and an EMG, all of which should be completed by the end of the month. The PA hopes that PT will be an option but she was also pretty sure that I would require another nerve block. Whatever is fine with; I just don\’t want back surgery.

I am still waiting for TriCare to approve the referral request for me to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) but in the mean time the clinic has let me make an appt 🙂 If all goes as planned then P and I will have our first RE appt on July 22. Yes, I realize that\’s a long way off but at least we got an appt. I am super excited!!!

ON an unrelated and not so happy note, I have a reactin to poison sumac/ivy/oak whetever the hell is behind our townhome. I have it on my arm and it is NOT attractive. Another reason to dislike this crappy little town.


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  1. katery

    i hope tricare approves your re visit, i bet they will 🙂

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