Just when things were back to normal….

P is going to watch the guys compete in Best Ranger at Ft. Benning. I knew that he would probably go and of course he SHOULD go b/c he’s on the team (though injured) and b/c they’re his friends. He leaves tomorrow, comes back early next week and then goes to the box (JRTC-training soldiers to be deployed) to play terrorist for 5 days. It was like having him home was just a tease. And to top it off the weekend that we had together was not so great b/c we had a HUGE fight (over nothing) and I had to take a muscle relaxer (b/c of my back) which left me hungover for the rest of the weekend. Oh yeah, and to REALLY top it all off, just when he gets back his Dad (whom I love) is soming to stay for 7 days. So basically the only alone time I will get with my hubby will be during the military ball….but we wont REALLY Be alone b/c all those other damn soldiers and their wives/girlfriends/hookers will be there.

I just started reading The Infertility Cure-The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies. Wow, I have A LOT of lifestyle changes ahead of me but so far what she, the author, is saying it makes sense. I’m only into the second chapter but I have gotten all teary eyed a couple of times just from the author’s encouraging words. I’ve long believed in alternative/Eastern medicine but have not had the chance to fully experience it. I plan to fully embrace this book and the lifestyle changes that it recommends. If nothing else it will prepare my body for an IUI/IVF in the next few months.

*If you think that Chinese medicine is a bunch of bullshit, please keep your comments to yourself. I have struggled to have a child for 27 months now. I have been on hormones that have driven me mad and others that have made me burst into tears. If I have a shot in hell of conceiving the natural way then I will do it. Unless you’ve been there you can’t possibly understand.

I woke up in a surly mood today for no apparent reason. I think no I know that I am jealous that P gets to go back to the land of civilization while I stay here in Shit Town. Why don’t I go with him you ask? Well, b/c a coworker just quit and only gave 5 days notice. My other coworker is going out of state next week so that leaves me as the only counselor in the office next….so I can’t take off. Also, I want to use my days later when P and I can go to Austin and enjoy ourselves. I don’t want to waste my days on driving to GA to see guys other than my husband compete. I mean, I love Amy’s hubby and all and I hope to hell that his team wins but I don’t love him enough to drive 20 hours round trip to see him. Although when they move to San Francisco I will gladly hop on a plane to see both of them πŸ™‚

It’s not even 10AM. This day is S-L-O-W. I guess I’ll go read more of my book and then study some stuff for a class that I have to teach in a week and a half. That’s right, I’m getting more job responsibility and I love it πŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Just when things were back to normal….

  1. Amy

    sorry, kiddo. army life is wack. you do a lot for a lot of people, and I love you to pieces. smile.

  2. Jen

    Completely laughing at your description of who will be at the ball. It sounds like the new book is good. I’m planning to do acupuncture this summer in conjunction with IVF. Let me know after a few chapters if I should read it. BTY the good news is that when you go to your doctors appointments you will get out of good old Leesville! πŸ™‚

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