Randomness on a Thursday

My weekend plans consist of cleaning, drinking, exercising and getting some sun. How freaking exciting. Well I should add that of course I will be drinking wine or beer during everything except excercising. I might get a wild hair and do some clothes shopping at Stage here in town b/c I don’t feel like making the drive to Alex. Shit, I just remembered that I have to take my Dyson to Many, LA to get it repaired. Guess I’ll do that on Saturday.

P just called me from the road to let me know that his buddy has German Sheperd puppies and apparently they might be free, at least for us. “Don’t you already have 3 dogs and 2 cats?” you ask….Yes, yes we do but I love puppies and P has talked about wanting a German Sheperd. We have a crate that Ranger outgrew and we are getting a fenced in yard today. The pups were just born so it would be 2 months before we got one, if we get one. I agreed to think about it and discuss it further when he gets home. I probably wouldn’t have such a weakness for puppies if we could just freaking get pregnant. *Off to research the breed.*

Dress for ball

Dress for ball

That’s my dress for the military ball. I am thinking of navy and silver accessories-shoes, handbag, earrings. I guess that I should start looking for those this weekend, too. Any ideas peeps?

New hair?

New hair?

I think that this will be my new haircut next week. You like?


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