Sorting through all of this natural stuff

So I started researching on another natural healthcare site today Natural Fertility Info. The master Herbalist who runs the site is on my Twitter and much of what she says falls right in line with the book that I am reading. I think that I am going to combine elements from the 2 places and go from there. I am definitely interested in acupuncture, acupressure and eating organically. Eating organically in this craptastic town will be difficult since my shopping choices are WalMart and the Commissary but I’ll do what I can. Maybe I’ll start driving to the Kroger in Alex every week to pick up organic food. I’m also trying to find somewhere that sells quinoa pasta and products….proving to be very difficult.

Next, I will be taking a trip to the local health food/herbal store to get some herbs. I am not sure what all I plan to take but I do know that I will be buying bee pollen and royal jelly. I’m continuing to do some research on herbs to make into teas to help boost fertility. *Update* While blogging I was Googling “herbs for infertility” and came across this site. If I’m not preggo this time then I am going to order the Little Bundle Starter Pack and the Fertility Tea. That’s right, I said if we’re not preggo this time. Yeah, I know that I said AF came yesterday but apparently she didn’t come for real. *TMI ALERT* I literally spotted once yesterday morning and then nothing else so far.

Now for the diet and lifestyle changes…those are gonna suck. My morning coke is being replaced with green tea. No more caffeine (except the green tea), no more alcohol, no nicotine, no fruit juice (unless it’s freshly squeezed) and as many organic things as possible. That also means no more microwave meals, frozen pizzas, etc. Guess I will actually have to start making my own pizza like Amy does.

Hopefully all of this will work or at least all of this plus one IUI. I’m ready to start looking at baby stuff.



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2 responses to “Sorting through all of this natural stuff

  1. Jen

    Yep, it sucks giving up the morning coke….mine was a diet coke, but I still miss it! lol.

  2. Amy

    it takes a long time, but after a few months of no caffeine/booze, you’re gonna be like WHOA ENERGY. It’s awesome.

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