Seriously, it’s been that long?!

I cannot believe I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks!!! So much has gone on….no really it has. Of course, none of it is incredibly interesting but whatever.

My father in law, Skip, was in town for a week and it was actaully great! He is now sober-6 months and going strong-since having an acute hypertension episode brought on by the combo of alcohol and his necessary prescription drugs. He is still the same fun Skip but now he doesn’t pass out early or fall down πŸ™‚ He helped us make our backyard into a place where we can actually have people over! We now have a nice charcoal grill (he bought), a table and chairs (I bought with tax return money) and we have decorative rocks and stepping stones where mud used to be πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ The dogs love the fencced in yard and now they are tracking in way less dirt/mud. P has already used the grill twice and I plan to make him use it most every night so that I don’t have to cook :p

We went to Army prom and had a BLAST!!! We drank, we ate (not the best food in the world but not the worst), my hubby threw panties at our friend giving a speech and I had the grog. I had been told not to try the grog b/c it has dirt and such in it. However, Amy and I found out that the “dirt” was actually brown sugar so we promptly got ourselves a glass….or maybe two. Anyway, here are some pics that I stole from Amy.



The grog

The grog



For a full explanation of the last pic, please go here. You can also read a longer account of the Army prom and see a few more pics. I’ve said it before but I’m gonna say it again, I’m gonna miss those kids when they move to San Fran 😦

Our new puppy, Bear, is still wreaking havoc but he’s a loveable little thing. Well, he’s not so little now. I really need to weigh him again b/c I swear that he’s put on at least 5 pounds since he’s been at our home. We still need to get his last round of shots and get his stitches removed. Guess I need to call the vet today.

Crap, just got busy at work. Why do I always get busy when I am in the middle of personal stuff?


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