Happy Father’s Day…..

Sure wish that we could see P’s son, Connor but his mom is a bitch so we don’t even get pictures unless I snatch them off Myspace when she forgets to make them private. Anyway, here’s a picture of him.

Sleepy Connor

Sleepy Connor

Life with one vehicle is actually going really well. I like it and I especially like not having a second car payment. It’s also making me workout in the mornings because I have to get up to take P to work so I might as well hit the gym while I’m there. We’ve actually got a good system down now and are in no hurry to get a second vehicle.

My sis in law is still bat shit crazy and I spend way too much texting with her. It’s fascinating really, the things that she says. I forget that she’s 29 and not 17-she’s so immature in so many ways. Social services in CA is still working with her and supposedly, accorcing to her, she’s doing everything that she is supposed to do. Her daughter, S, turns 1 year tomorrow and I sent her a few things from WalMart. Ok, so back to the crazy texting because she’s texting me right now. She was telling me how P, my hubby, had some fabulous going away party when he joined the Army. Ummm, if he did he sure doesn’t remember it. She also tried to tell me that he was drinking 40s and smoking weed when he was 10 yrs old…..yeah, not so much. She also has 2 different baby daddies, no job, no GED, no diploma but thinks that she can make it on her own with no help, one child and a baby on the way. Oh yeah and she thinks that she will meet Obama and he will help her to get housing. Seriously, bat. shit. crazy.

One month from today P and I will be going to the RE for our first infertility consultation with him. I am PSYCHED!!!! We are hoping and praying to get pregnant before 2010 so that we don’t have to start this process once we move to another Army post. I am not looking forward to all the injections but if it works then it will all be worth it. I find myself day dreaming about how it will be to have a baby in the home with us and the zoo. I see moms at the store and I picture myself shopping with a little baby attached to me in a sling. I look on Ebay for baby stuff even though we are not pregnant. One day it will happen, it just has to.

In addition for making infertility appointments, I now am making appointments for my back. The MRIs showed 2 protruding discs in my thoracic region. PT and nerve blocks here I come. I have had to modify my exercise routine with my weight lifting and I’ve had to modify how I work-no more sitting for hours cleaning up case files. Hopefully I’ll get a nerve block before the end of the summer so I can get back to normal. The sucky thing is that I will be dealing with this on and off for the rest of my life. I’m only 33 but this diagnosis made me feel 63.

Ok, off to run in this suffocating heat.



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