A blog a day…..

might keep me sane. I’ve decided to attempt to blog everyday that work since it’s the only place that I have computer access right now. Maybe this will save me from insanity.

I had a soldier yesterday actually try to convince me that Louisiana has pretty beaches about 90 minutes south of here. Ummm, no they are NOT pretty and in fact most of them have been destroyed by hurricanes. Sand+water does not= a beach. Whatever, he is also one of the ones that wants to stay here when he gets out of the Army in a few weeks. You couldn’t pay me to stay here if P wasn’t stationed here.

Yesterday I got me medical records from the on post doctor so that I would be all prepared for our first visit with the RE later this month. Looking through them and seeing in black and white what’s wrong with me made me teary eyed. It made everything even more real. I’m fine now and was fine by the time I got home, it was just another one of those things.

I am so tired of MJ stuff that I could vomit. I feel so awful for his children. Even if he was a kook, he shielded those kids fromthe media and now they have no one to do that for them. Hopefully the media will leave them alone and let them grow up in peace.

I’ve been the manager in charge while my manager has been gone and a higher up actually complimented me on a job well done. It feels so good to get a pat on the back. Have I mentioned that I love my job? It’s the only thing that I love about this place.

Two weeks from yesterdya and we will be meeting with our RE for the first time. I am so freaking nervous. I am sure that he will not be happy that I haven’t been charting my temps but when I tried to do it I consistently forgot and then my other drs told me that I didn’t need to chart my temps but just needed to take OPKs. Have I mentioned that I have POAS? Seriously, I am so tired of it but I have a feeling that I will be doign a lot more of it in the coming months. POAS and having needles in me…..oh the things we do to reproduce.

Ok, off to prepare for a briefing. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that P and I have to attend a mandatory FRG (family readiness group) meeting tonight. What’s it going to be about you ask? I have no fucking clue. It’s also going to be at 6pm so they will get to see us all nasty sweaty and HUNGRY after a workout. This unit doesn’t even deploy so I have to understand why there are ever mandatory FRG meetings. Just another waste of my time….


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