Apparently I’m twisted and it’s a small world

I had my first PT (physical therapy) appt yesterday. Apparently not only do I have 2 bulging thoracic discs but my whole thoracic region is twisted. Fantastic. I will be doing physical therapy to untwist it, strengthen my muscles and decrease pain. She said that if it’s been twisted for a while that my muscles are most likely not strong enough to hold it in place and they will have to be retrained. So, no triathlon training and possibly no P90X for now. Instead I will be doing PT approved exercises and stretches as well as be receiving ultrasound massage and hot moist electric therapy. Hopefully the PT combined with the upcoming nerve block will work wonders on this pain.

Oh yeah, my PT and I have the same RE and she is also an Army wife. She told me how wonderful Dr. S is and told me that she’d let me know how her upcoming IUI goes. It is a small world here in rural LA.


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