One more try

Guess who got a positive OPK yesterday? That’s right, your truly. Apparently my body wants to give it one more shot before moving on to the IUI procedure. Seriously, did my ovaries hear me talking to the RE and get offended. “How dare she think that we don’t work. We’ll show her!” My last positive OPK was in freakin’ April of this year so this is a shock, a good shock but a shock nonetheless.

So I guess we’ll be BD’ing and hoping that this works. If not I’ll be peeing on a stick in a couple of weeks.



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3 responses to “One more try

  1. Yay to a positive OPK!!! I enjoy reading your blog and have given you award on my blog for that reason. You can visit my blog to check it out!

  2. Kate

    Both times I got pregnant it was right before Clomid cycles were scheduled. I do think the ovaries are sensitive beeyotches!

    Good luck to you!!! :0)

  3. liberalgranolagirl

    Thank you to both of you =) I love getting comments and feedback!

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