I thought my pain was supposed to get better

So yesterday I had a thoracic epidural via a versa catheter. My thoracic area feels find today but sweet mother my lower back, where they inserted the catheter, hurts like hell. I’m at work today but I can barely walk around and I can’t bend over at all. Seriously, I want to cry. It’s like having constant lower back AF cramps. I know why it’s happening, though so at least that’s a relief. When they do this epidural the dr uses a small amount of contrast dye and they use an Xray machine to be sure that the cath is going the right place. My spinal column does NOT tolerate contrast dye well at all. When I had a myleogram done years ago for back pain, I had to miss 3 days at work b/c I could not move my back because of the pain. I really wish that I’d asked for some good painkillers because trying to sleep last night was virtually impossible. Oh well, it should be back to normal in a few days.

On the TTC front, the dr yesterday gave me a pee pregnancy test that I’m assuming was negative since they didn’t tell me otherwise. Now I’m just waiting for AF to arrive so that I can call the RE and get this ball rolling. I have become more excited and optimistic about this whole IUI thing. I feel like my hubby and I have a lot working in our favor: he is young (25 yrs old); he has PLENTY of “Champs” according to his SA; my PCOS is pretty well under control; my endometriosis is only at Stage 2; and I am physically and mentally prepared for the IUI. I have been reading up on injectibles as well as making changes in my diet. I take my pre-natals and I exercise. Plus I have wonderful IRL (in real life) friends and wonderful cyber friends that are an amazing support system to me. Of course I’ll be sure to update everyone on the IUI once AF actually comes and I actually see the RE.

Well, my hubby is actively trying to get out of this unit and post. We have a few things that we hope for and a definite top pick but you never know with the Army. My issue is that I want to be here long enough to get pregnant or move to a post where they infertility services on post rather than referring out to a civilian. My hubby wants a unit that is deploying in 2010 and a unit that will be good for his career. I had been stressing about it but for now I’ve decided to let it be and not stress. It’s the freaking Army, they pretty much do what they want anyway :-p


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