The P90X journey begins…..

For those of you who don’t know this is P90X. I kept seeing infomercials about it and then some fellow Army wife friends have tried it wirh great results so I thought that I might as well give it a shot. My hubby started it on Monday-I couldn’t start then because of the steroid epidural-and I joined him yesterday. There are 3 different programs that are offered with the program-Classic, Lean and Doubles. We are doing the Lean Program currently. After we complete that program then we plan to do the Classic Program and then the Doubles Program.

My husband has about 20 lbs that he wants to lose. He’s put on some weight since an injury left him unable to run for a few months and I’ve put on some weight just due to being lazy. We love working out together so we decided to invest in this program and do it together after work and in the mornings on the weekend. Thankfully my boss is doing it as well every morning so she will bust my ass if I try to get lazy and not do it :-p

Yesterday the Cardio X DVD was difficult but not at all as bad as I had expected and it made my back feel better. The best part is that he changes exercises every minute or two so I NEVER got bored during the DVD. I am seriously so pumped about this that I can hardly stand it. We are also kind of following the Nutrition Guide that comes with the program. I don’t have time to cook 3 meals per day since we both work full time but we are planning to eat dinners from the guide and I plan to have salad stuff at work so I can make different salads.

The biggest thing that I need to do diet wise is have plenty of fruits and veggies each day. I tend to do well at that for a while, and then I just fall off the wagon. My motivation this time around is getting healthier before the IUI so that I can continue to be healthy during and after the pregnancy. Yes, I am speaking optimisically about getting pregnant. I might even buy a few more baby things =)

P. S. It has taken me like 3 hours to write this blog because we got busy at work! I don’t mind being busy, though, since I’m helping soldiers =)



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2 responses to “The P90X journey begins…..

  1. emily511

    Yay P90X! Once my financial aid money comes in, I am going to be doing this.

  2. Kate

    Keep us posted on if the motivation remains as the weeks go on. I’m great at starting diets or programs but lousy at sticking to them!

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