Wow, I suck at abs

So we did P90X last night and it was the night to do Arms & Shoulders followed by Ab Ripper X. Holy Christmas poo, the Ab Ripper X is no joke. I was seriously grunting and cussing my way through the DVD. I’m pretty sure that I also told Tony Horton (P90X creator) to go to hell a few times. By the end of the 16 minute DVD I could barely use my abs to sit up straight. My boss has done it a total of 3 times and is all ready seeing results (she’s doing the Lean Program as well). The Arms and Shoulders was also hard but I know in the end it will be worth it. Tonight we get to do Yoga X which is 90 minutes long. I can’t wait to see how not flexible my hubby is :-p Also, tonight we are planning to cook the Shrimp Pompodoro from the nutrition guide. I will let you know if it sucks or not.

Well, here i am on CD27 fighting the urge to POAS. Yes, yes, I know that techinically you are not supposed to even think about POAS until AF is late but since I had a + OPK last month, I want to know NOW. Of course I will be with hubby after work so I know that he will not let me buy one. I have a digital one at home but seeing “NOT PREGNANT” is way harder than seeing just one line. I also don’t need AF to be insanely late if I’m not pregnant b/c we need to start the IUI process….guess I’ll be making myself very comfortable with needles.


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