Because I am so not busy at work….

I’ve been going over our budget and our plan to pay off all of our credit cards. I hate credit cards, seriously. I used to be a spender and I shopped A LOT when we lived in Savannah. At the risk of being publicly chastised beyond my wildest nightmare, here is a breakdown of the debt that we are paying off:
Gas card: $433 (will be paid off next month)
Military CC: $760 (hoping to be paid off in Nov)
MC: $2290
Bank CC: $3940
AmEx: $3360
My old personal loan: $3580
Bank of Am: Pay off every month

I haven’t added up all that debt in a long time and I don’t want to add it up now. Adding it up into a grand total makes my stomach churn. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about my student loan debt….not even posting that figure.

Now for those of you who want to smack us for getting into this much CC debt, we’ve already smacked ourselves. We have also already paid off SEVERAL cards; in fact I think that our all time high was having 9 or 10 cards. So we are making progress, even if it’s a little slow. If at all possible I’d like to have all the cards except the Bank CC and AmEx paid off by the time the Army moves us again. Of ideally I’d like to have all of them paid off by that time but since we are hoping to PCS in January (at the lastest) I don’t think that’s feasible.

I can hear y’all right now and yes, we are cutting up the vast majority of the cards once we pay them off. I am keeping the AmEx and hubs is keeping the MC-these 2 cards were WONDERFUL to us when we had trouble making payments due to me being unemployed when we first moved here. Hubs will also keep the military CC to use for gas and then pay off at the end of each month. No, we won’t charge them up like crazy again. Trust me, we learned our lesson.

In keeping with us trying to become debt free (except for my student loan and the family vehicle), I have been looking for ways to save money when we have children. First of all I will be making my own baby food in a crockpot on the weekends. Seriously, I had never even thought about using a crockpot for that but low and behold, it can be done. Not only is it a money saver but I’m not buying and then throwing away a million baby food jars. I think that I am going to buy a few more crockpits to help with this.

I’ve also decided that even though I am in love with Baby Gap clothes, my future child really doesn’t need an entire closet full of Gap clothes at such a young age. WalMart and Target have super cute baby/toddler clothes that are definitley budget friendly. Of course there will definitely be SOME Baby Gap in the closet.

Of course we will nursery stuff and I have already been eyeing stuff at IKEA. Seriously, I have all of the furniture, bedding and nursery decor picked out. IKEA has great prices and the furniture looks fantastic. I seriously cannot wait to decorate a nursery ❤

One of the biggest money savers for us will be that I plan to breastfeed for no less than one year. Ideally I'd like to breastfeed/bottlefeed with breast milk longer but I am not sure that will be possible. If we manage to get pregnant by the end of the year I will be 34 by the time the baby is born. If we happen to have twins, that's great. If not, I want to start TTC #2 when #1 is about a year old. And by TTC I mean going straight to the RE for an IUI. I want to have at least 2 children….though more would be fine too =)

Speaking of getting pregnant by the end of 2009, there's a disticnt possibility that my hubs will be deployed for 2010, depending on what unit he goes to next. Of course that means that I am looking at the possibility of giving birth without him which makes my heart incredibly heavy but that's the Army life. Maybe if we do get pregnant and he does get deployed we can plan R&R around the due date. If not I guess I'll be in there with a friend, a video camera and a cell phone so he can hear it. I guess that's better than nothing.



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3 responses to “Because I am so not busy at work….

  1. emily511

    Yay for baby plans! And (while someone will probably smack me for saying this), a cell phone and video camera are better than nothing 🙂

  2. Jen

    Another great thing for making baby food is a VitaMix. My cousin uses her to mix up a lot of what they eat and feed it to the baby. They are what they use at smoothie places and they puree anything! My dad got his for a lot cheaper on ebay.

  3. I love how much you have everything planned. 🙂 You remind me of me. Assuming I conceive this year, I’ll be 31 when I give birth – and I too would be so thrilled if I had twins. This waiting to conceive is hard! I love the crockpot idea too. Brilliant!

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