Hurry and wait…..

Ok, AF still hasn’t reared her ugly head nor do I have ANY PMS symptoms. That little tiny part of me is thinking “maybe I’m pregnant”, another part of me is freaked out at that possibility because I drank 2 bottles of wine this weekend (don’t flame me, I took a damn preg test last week and it was neg) and the largest part of me is pissed because AF is late and is probably just playing games with me. So here I sit….at work…..waiting for cramps or instantaneous bloating.

I’m also playing the hurry up and wait game with the Army. Hubs wants out of his unit and we both want out of this town. However, whether that happens any time in the next 6 months, no one knows. We know what we want but a couple of things have to happen with hubs in order for us to get there. I just wish that I could see the future sometimes so that I could know when and where we are going to move. This not-knowing thing is probably the one thing about the military that drives me insane.

I’m trying to get better organized so that I can get a handle on cooking, exercising and keeping the house clean. We are doing P90X as soon as we get home from work which is working out great. After we complete the workout, hubs puts away the equipment while I sweep and vacuum the living/dining area. I’ve decided that the sweeping and vacuuming that area must be done daily because that is where our pets spend the most time. I’m planning to buy those handy wipes for our bathrooms and we can each wipe down our sink and countertop before bed each night. Here’s my new daily cleaning schedule :
Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll sweep/clean the kitchen and laundry room. Mondays and Fridays I’ll vacuum upstairs.
*Both of those chores will get done in the morning about 0600 after I take hubs to work.
Saturdays we will take care of the yard/porch area.
Sundays I will mop the downstairs, vacuum the stairs, do laundry and clean the tub and toilet.
Sheesh, when I type it all out it looks like a lot but really it’s not. Breaking it into daily lists are the only I can keep it from getting out of control. Six furbabies make A LOT of messes.

Additionally I am trying to come up with weekly menus, thanks to the inspiration of my coworker Meg. I’m a little late this week and it’s the end of pay period so I am working with what we have in the pantry/fridge/freezer. Tonight I am stir-frying shrimp and a chicken breast and serving that with rice and steamed broccoli. Tomorrow, I still have no idea. We get paid Thursday so I can go to the store-WOOHOO!!! I think that Thursday I’ll make Honey Garlic Pork Chops with some sort of veggies on the side and maybe a potato side dish. Friday I think that I’ll make Crockpot Asian Shredded Beef served with some steamed Asian veggies and rice. Saturday will be leftovers. I hear that making a weekly menu saves money….we shall see.


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  1. my husband writes out a dinner plan for each week and the grocery list on Sunday mornings… then it’s off to the grocery store and we’re set for the week! it’s worked out really well for us but if we don’t do that on Sunday the week just falls apart and we’re too busy it seems to pull it together.

    now if I could just get a routine for cleaning the house 😦

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