This is gonna be short…

because I’m at work and don’t want to start bawling my eyes out at my desk.

Today is CD34, no AF and got a BFN this morning. I’m starting Prometrium (progesterone) today to induce AF. This isn’t necessarily unexpected but after yesterday and last getting a BFN this morning was very rough.

Yesterday I had hotflashes and nausea all day. Of course the nausea had me hoping that I has pregnant. I had vivid dreams (like extremely life like) that I got a BFP and was able to tell everyone that I was pregnant. I tested at 0400 this morning-woke up and had to pee-but refused to look at it until I got up for the day. Of course it was a BFN. I crawled back into bed with the dogs and bawled my eyes out. Ranger is such a good tear catcher and he let me bawl into his fur as long as I wanted. P was already gone to PT (physical training/Army workout) but when he got home I told him. He tries to be so positive and was like “but the home preganancy test could be wrong, right? it’s not 100%.” I explained to him that before a dr does a blood preg test, they make you do a pee test.

So now I pray that AF comes soon and we can do at least one IUI cycle before they send him to Jumpmaster School. This whole damn process is exhausting. At least we get to go to Shreveport on Saturday to walk around, shop and eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

A short P90X update- We did Core Synergistics Monday and it kicked out butts. Yesterday we took the rest day early because I felt like throwing up. Today we will be back on track and will do the Arms and Back DVD plus Ab Ripper X. Still loving the workouts and still motivated.



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5 responses to “This is gonna be short…

  1. sorry you’ve had such a rough start to the day *hugs*

    I can’t imagine trying to keep the extra stress of trying to become pregnant before DH is sent for training or deployed.

    my heart goes out to you 😦

  2. I’m so sorry it’s been a difficult day.

    Know that I’m thinking about you – as I’m sure many others “out here” are!!

    Take care of yourself.

  3. Treat yourself to something nice this weekend or at least, come to my website and laugh.

    • liberalgranolagirl

      I plan to do both 🙂 Hubs and I are going to the Louisiana Boardwalk tomorrow for some retail therapy and I can’t wait!

  4. Jen

    😦 I’m sorry, that sucks.

    Like IF isn’t hard enough to deal with, now you have to work around Jumpmaster school. Gotta love it!

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