Today is a new day

I woke up in a better mood today, probably because it’s Friday and tomorrow we’re heading to the Louisiana Boardwalk for some retail therapy and a day in civilization. Of course we can’t spend a ton of money but I desperately need a few outfits for work and we want to eat and drink at Buffalo Wild Wings. I really don’t care if we don’t buy anything, I’m just thankful to be getting out of this town for a day.

I started the Prometrium last night and wow, it knocked me on my ass. I was dizzy and falling over sleepy within 30 minutes of taking it. Thank goodness I didn’t ake it when I picked it up at lunch time-no way I would’ve been able to stay at work. Hopefully this med works, AF comes soon after I stop it and we can do an IUI next month. Until then I will keep doing P90X, eating right and praying that the first IUI works. Yes, I realize that it might not but it would be so wonderful if it did.

On a sidenote, it’s almost time for college football to start!!!!! I am so freakin’ excited and I hope that Auburn does better this year. Of course this means that I will be waking up extra early on Saturdays to exercise, watch Cold Pizza, GameDay and then a day of SEC football. *sigh* I can’t wait.



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4 responses to “Today is a new day

  1. Jen

    Enjoy your weekend! I’m excited for you to get to go shopping. Even if you can just look at the stuff and buy a few things it is totally worth it to go shopping someplace that isn’t defined by the Payless in the mall. Yep, we live in the sticks. Enjoy BWW, that’s one of hubby’s faves!

  2. emily511

    Yay! I’m hoping some of our games are televised this year.

  3. Lonnie

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! >; ) (Since I’m “back” in Alabama, I have to stop cheering “GO MOUNTAINEERS!” )

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