Prepping for IUI, take 1

I went to Dr. S’s office this morning for b/w and an internal u/s. This appt was at his main office which is about 2-ish hours away and I scheduled it for 0800 so that I would not have to miss much work. So I got up at 0415, got ready, took the hubs to work and headed out. Thankfully TriCare is reimbursing us for gas and my breakfast this morning πŸ™‚

I got to the clinic about 25 minutes early and they saw me right away. The clinic itself is gorgeous, Dr. S is great and his staff is wonderful! They did the b/w and will call with any results of that. Then I had the least uncomfortable internal u/s ever. The tech was great and she explained everything on the screen-she has a screen and I have one too-as she was doing it. She said that I have a “nice” uterus, uterine lining was good and….drumroll please….NO OVARIAN CYSTS!!! *doing my happy dance*

After the b/w and u/s I talked with a nice nurse, Susanna, who gave me a personalized calendar telling me exactly what to take and when to take it. I will be taking 10 2.5mg Femara pills tonight and Thursday I will start 75mg Follistim injections-in my abdomen-everyday through Monday. Then Tuesday I will go back to the dr for more b/w and another internal u/s. They will then call me and let me know if everything is a GO for the IUI. If need be he will up my Follistim to get the needed follicles growing.

So, it’s all really happening. I seriously get little mini-panic attacks when I sit down and think about it. Don’t get me wrong, we are ready to be parents but this whole process is daunting and even thinking about seeing another BFN almost sends me over the edge. Of course the thought of a BFP is exciting but then comes the anxiety of maintaining of the pregnancy, the what ifs about multiples and all the things that go along with pregnancy. *sigh* I hope that I’m complaining about morning sickness soon.

ETA-My second steroid epidural is doing better than the first one-no awful lower back pain this time, probably due to the fact that I went straight home rather than grocery shopping. I have not come up with a complete menu of weekly meals this week but tonight we’re having porkchops cooked with rice and cream of mushroom soup with some steamed veggies. Tomorrow night I am making Divine Casserole with smoe sort of veggie sides. If anyone has some healthy ideas for veggie sides, please hit me with them. TIA πŸ™‚



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5 responses to “Prepping for IUI, take 1

  1. I had an internal u/s today too! I was not expecting that. The wand on my belly, yes, but internal was kind of a shock. But it was totally fine. It was weird to see my insides like that! Sadly, I do have some cysts on my right ovary, but doc says they aren’t a problem. They sure hurt sometimes though!

    I know what you mean though, about REALLY wanting that BFP, but knowing that when it comes, there is a whole new set of worries for keeping it, life for the next 18 years, etc.

    I really hope it will happen soon for us both!!!

  2. Amaprincess

    One step at a time =) I hope everything is a go for the IUI! Ill keep my fingers crossed and make sure you tell me everything so I know what to expect =) I rely on you girls for that!

  3. emily511

    Fingers crossed, definitely. You’ll be a great mommy πŸ™‚

  4. this is very exciting… YEAH!!!!!

  5. Jen

    I’m glad you liked the staff! The u/s tech is one of my favorite people there and both Courtney and Suzanne, the nurses that you’ll see are both completely nice. No cysts–yippee! You are on the road! Sending you good thoughts.

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