A blah Friday

I am sittnig at my desk, exhausted, hungry and almost tearful. Aren’t hormones fantastic? Seriously, I know that it least some of this is related to the 75iu Follistim shot last night but I also know that some of it is related to stress surrounding the Army and what they are trying to do to my husband. They are trying to send him to recruiting school and then off to be a recruiter for 2 years. Ummmm, not cool. In fact “not cool” is an understatement. My actual reaction was more like this—>

Are your fucking kidding me?! He’s a fucking tabbed 11B and you want him to sit behind a fucking desk and talk to people? FUCK you Army. The Army is clueless and is apparantly run by a bunch of fucking morons. Hello, you have guys going on the 3rd and 4th deployments-P hasn’t done a deployment in 3 fucking years-HE WANTS TO DEPLOY. Send him over there. We have been wanting him to deploy and get out of Garrison. He signed up to fight and that’s what he wants to do-WHY DON’T THEY FUCKING LISTEN?! First they send him to a non-deployable unit in this shithole place and now they want him to recruit people? Yeah right, he’s more likely to send them on down to the Navy office at this point.

Ok, I feel a little better now. Well, not really but it’s nice to get that out again. P’s 1st SGT is currently working very diligently to get these orders to disappear. My hubby has a couple of disqualifiers that are supposedly not waiverable but we’ll see if the Army actually plays by its own regulations.

Now some ofyou might be wondering why we don’t want recruiting duty and why we want him to deploy, especially since we are trying to have a baby. P is an infantryman and we had been strongly considering doing this whole Army thing as a career. The money is decent, so far healthcare for me has been good and FREE and it’s job stability. All three of those are quite important to us. Plus my hubby loves being an infantryman, IF THE FUCKING ARMY WOULD ACTUALLY LET HIM DO HIS JOB AND DEPLOY HIM. Yes, I want my husband to deploy for the good of his career and because he wants to. I realize that the vast majority of you won’t understand but he NEEDS deployment time for him to be a better leader.

If these orders go through I don’t know what we’ll do. I’ve actually told him that I will sit a few doors down form the recruiting station and tell people NOT to join and I’ll do that until they send him back to an infantry unit. I’ve already emailed Obama, our Senators and our Congressmen-not just because we want this resolved for us but we want this resolved for many others. There are so many soldiers in similar situations and the Army just won’t listen to them. I have friends on a message board who’s husbands WANT to go to recruiting but they won’t take them. There are women I know who’s husbands are on there 3rd and 4th deployments, yet my hubby hasn’t gone on one in 3 yrs, is begging to go AND NO ONE WILL LISTEN.

I’m pissed. I’m frustrated. I’m hormonal. Someone out there in Big Army World better fucking fix this.



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2 responses to “A blah Friday

  1. Jen

    I get you. Even though it sucks having them gone, they need to go for their careers. It’s their chance to do the job that they train for…it’s the whole point. I really like you even more for supporting him! I swear if he becomes an MP, he can deploy every year if he would like.

    You know the good part of deployments is that if you are smart, you can save a ton of money. I pretty much just stopped buying things and worked a ton. That plus the tax free status is what is letting me do my IVF cycles.

    I really hope that it gets worked out for you. Keep bugging them!

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