No eggs yet *sigh*

So hubs went to the RE with me today for me to have labs drawn and an internal u/s done. The brief version of this is that I have not responded and have no eggs/follicles. No eggs/follicles=no babies. So yeah, I cried and hubs cussed. Gameplan is for me to do 2 more nights of the Follistim injections and then go back down there Thursday for another u/s and more labs. The Dr actually said “If you don’t get preg this month we can use this as a baseline for next month.” I truly appreciate that he’s thinking ahead, planning and looking at the positive but that made me want to cry right there in his office. If you don’t want to read the gory details of my internal ultrasound then scroll past the italicized paragraph. You’ve had your warning.

I’ve had several internal u/s over the years but only 2 have been truly uncomfortable/painful-today’s being one of them. The Dr was weilding the wand today so that was new to me-first time a man’s ever done the weilding. He saw my right ovary just fine and saw that there were no follicles. Next he looked for the left ovary but my damn intestines were in the way. See, told you the details were gory. He had to freaking move around my intestines and basically try to push them out of the way with the wand….not comfortable. They knew that this was not their moment to be in the spotlight. I’m not sure why they felt like stealing the show but steal the show they did. I could them clear as day on the monitor. Finally the Dr was able to push them out of the way long enough to see that the left ovary also had no follicles. Damn it. Since the incident I have had moments of pain-like a dull, crampy pain-every so often. I am not thrilled with my intestines right now and they apparently are not thrilled with being shoved out of the spotlight.

Gory details done 🙂 I am trying to be positive about all of this but I have cried more than once already and my wonderful coworkers and supervisor cried with me. It’s just exhausting for me and for hubs. At least we got Starbucks today.



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2 responses to “No eggs yet *sigh*

  1. I’m so sorry it was awful for you. 😦 I had my first internal U/S last week, and while it wasn’t painful…it was definitely NOT FUN. There is nothing wrong with crying – you have to express that emotion. Good for you for trying your best to be positive – hang in there!!!!

  2. Jen

    I’m so sorry. Damn follicles. Don’t they know they are getting the good stuff right now. It can be so frustrating. If this doesn’t work, then I hope the next time, they up your meds a bunch. Thinking of you.

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