I love the Army today

I can’t remember if I updated after the rant about Recruiting School but b/c of an indiscretion in hubs’ recent (<5 yrs) past, recruiting school is a no-go *sigh of relief*. Today we got the news that he will be able to attend a combat school that he has wanted to attend for the past year. We are both pumped. Apparently attending this school for sure FOR SURE takes him out of the running for recruiting school. Passing this school also makes him retainable at his current unit for 6 months which means no orders for crazy places coming down the wire and we get to stay with out fabulous RE for another 6 months. Yes, I loathe this place but I love our RE and my job so I don't mind being here another 6 months.

Reason #2 that I love the Army today is our healthcare. I looked at the receipt from yesterday's dr's visit and it would've cost us $700 without TriCare. Also, TriCare reimburses us for gas and meals associated with the drs' visits. Now, most military wives know that jumping through TriCare's hoops can be frustrating at times but this reimbursement is the easiest thing EVER. I picked up a print out ok'ing me to go to the dr and get reimbursed. I filled out paperwork for the money to be directly deposited. I kept receipts, attached them to the paperwork and turned it back in. Seriously, it was that simple. I was amazed.

Reason #3, my job. I work in an office of 6 women, including me. They literally cried with me yesterday when I got back from my appt. A couple even cried before I got back because i updated them via text. My boss has been AWESOME with letting me off any time for all these infertility appts. Now they just gave me card with the sweetest notes written in them ❤ I am seriously blessed with the best work place ever.


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  1. Jen

    ❤ Tricare at times. Hate to call and ask questions though. I did get like $5000 worth of meds for like $90! That's worth it! Now, I have to pay for it myself.

    I'm glad that you're staying on so that you can see Dr. S. Really glad that he's out of recruitment! That is the worst! 😀

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