IUI and the waiting game

Ok, so here is a blow by blow account of the IUI and the days since it happened. I am trying not to drive myself crazy in the 2ww but it’s not working. I literally talk to my tummy a few times per day telling those eggs and swimmers to get together. They better freaking listen to me.

Before the IUI I had a total of 7 days of follistim injections (75u) after taking 10 Femara pills on CD3. I had bloodwork done on CD3, 10 and 12. Internal u/s were done on CD10 and 12. P gave me the hcg/trigger injection on Thusday (CD12) b/c I had follicles that were very close to ovulation. All injections were done in the tummy. The hcg shot hurt like a motherfucker but the follistim shots weren’t bad at all.

P made a deposit an hour before the actual iui. it was kind of funny because I was basically sitting right outside the door and the lab was just across from him. They washed his sperm, we shopped for an hour (love Target and Kohl’s) and then the dr did the iui. It took no time at all for the actual iui-seriously, less than 5 minutes. I got on the table, assumed the position and he inserted a very small tube into my cervix, all the way up to my uterus near my Fallopian tubes-that’s where the swimmers were let lose. There was zero pain during the the whole thing πŸ™‚

Afterward I laid on the table with my knees bent for 10 min, waiting for a sperm timer to go off. No really, the egg timer thing had a sperm on the dial-amazingly cute to me at the time. P was in there for everything and didn’t get freaked out πŸ™‚ We were allowed and in fact encouraged to have sex that night to increase the chances of a BFP. I have also been on vaginal progesterone suppositories to help support a possible pregnany. I do not like them but they’ll be worth it if we end up with a BFP.

1dpiui (1 day post IUI, Saturday)-I woke up early in the AM due to ovarian pain on and off on both sides. My tummy was bloated and I was nauseous on and off. I also had a bad headache but that might have been due to lack of sleep. Took a 3 hr nap and still went to bed early and slept 10 hours straight.

2dpiui, Sunday-My ovaries felt sore, especially the left side. My belly was still bloated and kind of tender. In fact, I was so bloated that I could not fit into some of my jeans. Sex is painful if too vigorous. Again, took a 3 hour nap, went to bed and slept like a log until my furbabies woke me up.

3dpiui, Monday-Tummy still tender and bloated. I am already tired and it’s only 11:20am. No nap today because I’m at work. My boobs are sore and seem to be a bit swollen. My ovaries are still sore and I’ve had a bit of lower back cramping, nothing bad at all. I’ve noticed an increase in appetite as well.

I am really trying not to obsess but it’s hard. On my calendar I’ve written down when we can test. Thankfully it’s at our mid-month pay so we will have extra money in case I need retail therapy. We relaxed all weekend and plan to do more of the same this coming weekend. I have been laying off the P90X since the IUI and will probably continue to lay off it until we find out if we’re pregnant. Well, I will probably do some of the weights but I won’t do any of the cardio workouts or yoga. I will probably do my Yoga Zone DVDs more-they aren’t quite as strenuous and don’t have your head below your heart as much.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I need to attempt to do some work. Here’s hoping that we get a BFP in a couple of weeks πŸ™‚



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4 responses to “IUI and the waiting game

  1. Obsessing about being pregnant is the fun part during that dreaded two week wait!

  2. How far along P90X did you get? I absolutely love the program. Good luck with the pregnancy.

    • liberalgranolagirl

      We got 3.5 weeks in. I plan to start back with some of it next week-the weights and some of the yoga. I think that cardio will be a bit much right now with the IUI and hopefully me being pregnant πŸ™‚

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the P90X program! I saw results very quickly even without following the nutrition guide. After my hubs and I get through the Lean Program we plan to move on to the Classic and then Doubles πŸ™‚

  3. Aunt Kristy

    Good Luck Rebecca. Eddie and I went thru the same waiting game 25 years ago. Your chances are so much better, medicine has come a long way since we tried to concieve. I will keep you and Preston in my prayers.
    Love you two,

    Aunt Kristy

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