game plan…..

I am still reeling from the BFN today but after my nap I’ve come up with a game plan.

A little background-I have been diagnosed with PCOS but I am “the skinny” PCOS. My BMI and weight are fine but I carry ANY extra weight in my abdomen. Always have and hate it. It’s the reason I started P90X with my hubs. Once I got the IUI I stopped P90X and pretty much all exercising to let my body rest and do it’s thing…obviously it didn’t do it’s thing correctly.

So I am doing things differently this next time. Starting tomorrow I will doing P90X everyday until my next IUI, meaning that I will skip the rest day(s) during the week and just go on to the next DVD. Once I get the IUI, I will do the weight days of the P90X but on the cardio and Yoga X days, I will do prenatal yoga and/or walk the dogs. Not working out at all has just made my abdomen area worse and it’s made my back start hurting again. I need a strong, healthy body to carry a baby so that’s what I’m going to build.

Diet wise, I’m done giving into craving for fast food. D-O-N-E. Now, in my book that does not include Chik-fil-A because there is not one here but there is one near my RE’s office which is 2.5 hours away. I will still indulge in that when I go to the RE. Besides, in the fast food spectrum a Cool Wrap from there is much better than a Whopper or a Big Mac. Otherwise I do pretty well following the Fertility Diet but I could probably stand to add more produce to my diet so that’s my goal-nice, colorful salads for lunch at least 3 days per week and more fruit for snacks.

I’m also going to look more into Conscious Conception. Yes, some of you might think that sounds flakey but after over 900 days of TTC, nothing is too flakey for me.

So there it is, my new game plan. Still doesn’t stop the tears today but at least I’ve made myself feel more in control.



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2 responses to “game plan…..

  1. PCOSChick

    Sounds like a good game plan. It always helps when you feel like you are more in charge of what is going on. I will be thinking of you & sending lots of baby dust for this next IUI!

  2. I’m sorry about the BFN – but it sounds like you’ve got a great game plan on the horizon.

    Wishing you the very best in your upcoming exercise and eating endeavours. Know that I’m rooting you on!

    By the way, tears are totally allowed under the circumstances. But I hope that when you’re ready, you can dry the tears and embark with hope into this new cycle.

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