One day I’ll work out again….

Ugh, I feel like a fat slob. I haven’t worked out regularly in weeks b/c of fertility drugs (made me exhausted and nauseous), the IUI (didn’t want to mess up any possible implantation) and then AF (super horrible flow and cramps). Tomorrow we are starting back on P90X Week 4 no matter what. Thankfully Week 4 has 2 rest days so we only have to double up on one day to do the whole week in 4 days. And I’m not going to take a complete 2 week break from exercise while waiting to see if I get pregnant. I’ll rest for the first couple of days but that’s it-life can’t stop just because I might, maybe, possibly be pregnant.

At least I feel like I’m eating better this week. I’m trying to follow the recommendations from the Fertility Diet. For lunch I’ve been eating spinach salads with sunflower seeds, acorns, full fat feta and lots of veggies in it. I’ve been eating more beans-well black beans-whole grains and more fruits. For months I’ve been good about decreasing bad carbs, cutting out trans fat and cutting down on pre-packaged foods. Now I just have to find a way to add fish to my diet and add in some full fat dairy a few times per week. Today I had full fat milk in my decaf SB vanilla latte….it was like my version of porn. I haven’t had a full fat latte in YEARS! It was so freaking delicious!!!! I’m currently scouring the web for fertility diet recipes. If you have any please feel free to share them 🙂

Tonight it all officially starts again; at bedtime I will take my 25mg of Femara. Hopefully the nausea won’t be as bad this time. Friday I start nightly injections of 100iu of Follistim, as increase of 25iu. Hopefully this will do the trick and then I can obsessively blog about being pregnant :p


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