Why I hate Verizon, a letter to the CEO/Pres

Mr. Strigl,

I apologize for writing you from a different email. The earlier email was from my work email but I received copies of mine and my husband’s old bills in the mail today and wanted to email you immediately.

Regarding my old Verizon account, #xxxxxxx-00001, the last bill I received was for $50.92 and I sent a check for that amount. According to Ms. Waldon it was credited to my husband’s account because of the remittance slip in the envelope; however, I wrote the correct account number on my check so regardless of the presence of a remittance slip or not, it should have been credited to my account. I should not be held responsible for a Verizon employee’s mistake.

Regarding my husband’s old Verizon account, #xxxxxxx-00001, the last bill that I received was for $189.42 and I sent a check for that amount. (Of course that was the amount after Verizon wrongly credited my $50.92 payment to his account on 07/19/2008.) The original total due on his account was $290.34. In looking at the bills that Ms. Waldon overnighted to me, I saw that Verizon wrongly charged him an early termination fee, which after taxes totaled $142.47. We were told that we would NOT be charged an early termination fee because of the nature of our termination. My husband is in the Army and he was assigned to the Ft. Polk, LA area where we did not not get Verizon service nor was there a Verizon store any where near us. We were told to fax a copy of his PCS (Permanent Change of Duty Station) orders and neither of us would be charged the early termination fee. We faxed the orders but obviously someone dropped the ball on that one and we were still charged the fee. If you subtract the early termination fee ($142.47) from the $290.34 then what my husband actually owed was $147.87. On 7/25/2008 a $50 was made toward that which left $97.87, NOT the $189.42 which I paid. In actuality, Verizon owes me $91.55 and an apology.

I have copies of both checks, with the correct account numbers on them as well as copies of all the old bills. I can fax them if needed.

I realize that I was late on making the payments to our accounts; however, the reason for me being late was losing my job due to relocating with my husband. Also, the accounts were paid IN FULL and therefore should NEVER have been charged off nor should I have been sent to 2 different collection agencies. Needless to say, this has caused me much stress; not only the situation but the lack of sincere help that I have received is quite unreal. Before this I had nothing but good things to say about Verizon, but after charge offs on all credit reports for the both of us, all due to Verizon employees’ mistakes, I am sorely disappointed. My husband and I are having to relocate again next year and we will be buying a home. I expect that all of our credit reports will be corrected as soon as possible. Please contact me when the corrections are made; when Verizon cancels the collection agencies; and when my check for $91.55 has been sent.

Rebecca Xxxxxx


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