And Verizon still sucks

I sent this to the woman I spoke with today and I CC’ed the Pres/CEO.
Verizon can suck it.

Ms. Oropeza,

I am writing this to confirm what we discussed over the telephone earlier this afternoon. Verizon agrees to remove the derogatory remarks from both mine and my husband’s credit reports as soon as possible, typically that is within 30 days. I will then check with the credit reporting agencies to insure that the remarks get removed. I understand that from the time Verizon reports to the credit agencies that it may take up to 60 days for the agencies to make the corrections.

Also, Verizon does not agree to refund me $91.55 from the overpayment of my husband’s account resulting from him wrongly being charged an early termination fee due to the Army relocating us to a place that does not have Verizon service nor a Verizon store. Verizon does not agree to this because in my emails I did not specifically mention his account. Although I remember talking to a customer service rep on the phone twice about this matter almost 18 months ago, Verizon received a copy of my husband’s PCS orders and a copy of our marriage license (via fax, which I unfortunately did not save since it was faxed almost 18 months ago) and it was my husband’s name on the orders (he is in the Army, not me), because it was not in the email then it does not matter.

I appreciate Verizon removing the derogatory comments from our credit reports but I am disappointed in the lack of support for our military in this matter. I am a member of a large Army wife message board as well as a contract employee on an Army post and have found out that I am not the only one who has had this problem with early termination fees due to PCSing. I and others who have had this issue have warned and will continue to warn others to get everything in writing from Verizon when having to cancel service due to a PCS and to save all of the written information forever. We do not choose where the Army moves us. It is a shame that on top of dealing with the normal stress of moving that military families must also worry about a cell phone company charging them an early termination fee for something that is out of their control. My husband and I have learned our lesson and again, though we appreciate the derogatory remarks being removed from our credit reports, we will never be Verizon customers again nor will we ever recommend their service to any of our military friends at any military installation.

Rebecca M


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