So we’re moving….

to Colorado!!!! *happy dance* Yep, the Army is sending us there and we couldn’t be happier. I fell in love with Colorado the first and only time that I visited there back in my 20s. It is so beautiful out there and there is so much to do! We will be living near Colorado Springs so we will have plenty of shopping, Starbucks, dog parks, hiking, camping and rock climbing. Plus, through the Army Wife message board that I’m on, I have friends who are already there including my friend Sara whom I love to death 🙂

P and I are planning to buy a house out there so I’ve been looking at the available homes out there. I’ve found several that I like and I hope that there are still several available when we move out there in about 6 months. Currently I am looking at 2-3 bedrooms with big backyards….and honestly the backyard is almost the most important thing on our list. Our 4 wonderful doggies deserve a big backyard where they can run and play until they are worn out. I would love to find a home on a good size piece of land out in the country so that we could foster/rescue pit bulls but we’ll have to see exactly what available and what we can afford.

On an infertility related note, tomorrow I go back to the RE for b/w and u/s. Hopefully everything will look good and we will be doing an IUI this weekend. Fingers crossed and saying prayers that this it works this month!


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  1. Jen

    Okay, I am waaaaaay jealous! V was stationed there briefly before he flew away to another army school. I loved loved loved visiting him there. I spent a summer vacation exploring and having fun. They have great outdoor spaces for exercising and tons of fun stuff to do. It is incredible!

    I’ve heard there is an amazing clinic near Denver too. 😀

    When are you moving?

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