The Pros and Cons of IUI/Infertility

So I decided to sit down and think about the positives of this whole process. Of course I also want to list the negatives-to get them on here and out of my mind-but I’m trying to look at this objectively.

I finally quit smoking FOR REAL. During the regular TTC and even the medicated TTC before the IUI, I continued to smoke some of the time. Yeah, yeah, no lecture needed. Once we started the IUI process, I realized that I could actually maybe get pregnant. Smoking was done.

My diet has improved. I’m eating more produce; more whole foods-whole fat cheese, whole fat yogurt; less processed stuff and I’m actually reading labels to make informed choices! No more MSG, much less artificial sugar, no more soy protein, only caffeine is green tea and more organic foods are now consumed.

My hubs and I are closer and our communication has improved. When you have to talk to your hubs about cervical mucous, follicles, menstrual cycles and the wand, there is really nothing that you can’t talk about. He’s held me while I’ve cried over a BFN and made me laugh through the tears. Love. This. Man.

We’ve had PLENTY of time to discuss most every aspect of parenting. We agree on discipline, religion and general parenting practices. My hubs indulges me in my hippie ways and is fine with cloth diapers, breast feeding for as long as possible and me wearing the baby(ies) in a sling. It’s nice to know that we’ve actually had real grown-up discussions about these things and have come to an agreement.

We have a FOR REAL chance of having twins πŸ™‚ Yes, I want twins and have wanted twins for as long as I can remember. So I pray every night for at least one baby but I gently remind God that 2 at once would be great.

I get to drive to a bigger city on a regular basis to see my RE which means that I get Starbucks more than once a month. We don’t have a SB here so yes, that is a big deal to me.

Meeting new friends on the internet πŸ™‚ Seriously, don’t know how I’d do this without the support of them and my IRL friends.

$400/cycle that we could be using to pay off debt is going to the IUI. Yes, we are incredibly thankful that we have some coverage but would still like to use that money to pay off debt.

The RAGING side effects from the injectibles are not fun. Having a “baby bump” with no baby inside sucks.

The risk for multiples is increased. Twins, awesome. Sextuplets, not so awesome.

The wand. Enough said.

Not being a mommy yet. Biggest con of all.

I’m sure that there’s more but that’s all that I can think of at the moment. Fellow infertile gals feel free to add to either or both lists πŸ™‚


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One response to “The Pros and Cons of IUI/Infertility

  1. Love it, feeling exactly the same! Husband and i have been through hell and back but we are stronger for it, and communication lines defiantly more open than this time last year.

    Meeting new friends over inter geek – def an advantage, and i’ve only been online two weeks!

    Money – HUGE issue, we are now borrowing 😦

    Ovaries that feel like they are going to explode – definite bummer….

    Weird and wonderful hormone crazed emotional blowouts – well enough explained @

    Multiples, not sure about that one, as i have no money now, could you imagine 2 babies.. ekkk, never the less still have two embryo’s put back in if im allowed…

    and finally….

    dito to: “Not being a mommy yet. Biggest con of all.”

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