I love not drinking alcohol!

Well, not really :-p but I love being productive on a Saturday. Normally we would’ve been drinking beer and watching football all day but instead, we got up at a reasonable hour and got stuff done. After hubs went to the gym (yeah, I know I should’ve gone with him but I just didn’t have it in me) we went for sushi (more on that later) and then headed to Lowe’s. We desperately need to sod our small yard before we move. Our dogs have killed all the crappy grass in the yard and we know that the apt place will make us pay for it if we don’t repair it before we leave. Anyway, Lowe’s didn’t have sod yet but they will be getting a shipment of Augustine grass on Thursday. Well since we were there, we decided to pick up some plants and pots. P just HAD to have a cactus that grows up to 5 feet tall and I got 2 medium “mounds” of mums and 2 asiatic lilies. When we got home we re-potted all them plus one of my tomato plants that’s almost dead, cleaned up the yard (picked up poop and dog toys) and I cleaned off the porch. Oh, and we’ve also played with the dogs today and done a little laundry. Being productive feels good πŸ™‚ In about 45 minutes my wonderful hubs will start cooking the steak for tonight’s fajitas. Tomorrow we were going to drive to the next town to shop, eat and watch Zombieland but we’ve decided to be good and watch it here in town and then eat leftover fajitas.

About that sushi lunch today…..I also threw up. I love love love sushi but these hormones are killing me. Apparently now the texture of seaweed make me wanna hurl. Not cool. So I guess when I’m pregnant sushi will not be consumed due to me not wanting to hurl.

In addition to the sushi issue, here’s more of an IUI update. I’ve had cramping on and off. My ovaries and tummy are still swollen. I am constantly dehydrated even though I am drinking 80-100 oz of water/juice/Gatorade (vast majority is water) on a daily basis. I have cramping on and off and had one TERRIBLE cramp for about 30 seconds on Thursday night. It actually woke me up from a dead sleep. I have been exhausted since yesterday. I know getting a BFP is a long shot this month because of P’s white cells but a girl can hope, right?

On the workout side, I have decided to restart P90X on Monday. I’m gonna do the Classic Program in hopes of getting faster results. While watching SportsCenter this morning I saw a story about a Boston College football player who is battling cancer. While he was going through chemo and feeling like shit he still didn’t miss a workout. Yeah, I felt like a putz when I heard that part. So I have decided is he can keep up with his workouts while going through chemo then I can DEFINITELY keep up with mine while going through IF treatments and being tired. I just have to re-commit to it. I want to be as healthy as possible before having a baby and part of that is being in a regular exercise routine. So, I’m starting over on Monday and I expect y’all to virtually kick my ass if I try to slack.

Ok, time for Auburn football, fajita grilling (thank you darling hubs) and me drinking yet more water….just finished 96 oz and STILL dehydrated.



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2 responses to “I love not drinking alcohol!

  1. I so hate the not drinking part πŸ™‚ Husband doesn’t like that the thing I have the hardest time with is not drinking (but he gets to drink whenever he wants and it’s been a bit lately) .

    But I definitely agree with you with limited caffeine and limited alcohol you do get a lot more done and you feel better.

    I hope that this is your cycle, low white cells or not!

  2. Isn’t it amazing? I used to get home from work every day and have a glass of wine or a beer or a cocktail to relax. I didn’t drink a LOT, but I drank OFTEN. I was so worried that once I got pregnant, I would have an extremely hard time not drinking.

    I’ve been shocked at how easy it is! I don’t crave it or miss it at all! (I do occasionally miss the social aspect of it at group events, but not the drinking itself.) I get SO much more done, and I actually lost some weight at first by avoiding those empty calories.

    Water and juice are awesome! πŸ™‚

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