I try and I try….

but I still think about TTC and infertility everyday. Hubs and I had a fantastic day today. We drove about 90 minutes to a decent sized city to shop and eat out. Well, shopping was a bust-I only found 1 pair of pants-but eating at Buffalo Wild WIngs was great. It was like old times back in Savannah before we were consumed by infertility. We ate wings, drank beer, yelled at TVs (college football) and loved it. At one point I actually thought “It’s kind of nice to not have kids right now and not have to worry about them running around the place” (there were SEVERAL tables with kids running amuck). We drove home, singing Dashboard Confessional, NIN and others at the top of our lungs. It was great.

Then we got home and boom, immediately my thoughts turn to TTC and infertility. I started Googling information about IVF and about the fertility clinic in Colorado Springs. I start thinking about what cycle day I’m on, when we need to start BD everyday, etc. Thankfully I’m staying away from looking at actual baby stuff online.

For now I will sip my wine, watch TV and snuggle with my furbabies. Maybe that will take my mind off my empty uterus.



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3 responses to “I try and I try….

  1. ME TOO!!! Tonight we went to Houston’s Restaurant to get my mind off of it. I ate extremely unhealthy food, watched other parents chase after their kids and then leisurely made our way home…home to take the Ovidrel shot and watch a million on-line videos about how to administer it – keeping fingers crossed it goes well.

    Is the clinic in Colorado Springs different from where you did your IUIs?

    • liberalgranolagirl

      Yep-the clinic is different. We’re currently living in Louisiana but the Army is moving us to the Co Springs area is a few months. Currently we have to drive 2.5 hrs to our fertility clinic. When we move (if we’re not pregnant) we’ll only have to drive 30 minutes or so.

      It’s amazing to me how I will forget to mail a letter/package/bill but I cannot forget TTC for even a day.

  2. omg- 2.5 hours, that is unbelievable! That must add so much to the stress of it all…and having to move too!! Well, I hope that you are all dome with IF treatments before the move, but if not, 30 minutes seems much much better (and PS, thanks for reminding me to mail my bills – whoops)

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