I know we’re on a break but….

we’re almost back on track and I’m excited!!! We are going to the RE on Friday to have P tested to make sure that the white blood cells are gone. I’m also going to talk to the him about ordering a beta test after the next IUI. I am just leery about POAS’ing again after the false positives last month. Our insurance will pay for the gas and meals for the drive/time dow there so making an extra trip is not a big deal. I’m just ready to get back on the IUI track.

I also said that I wasn’t going to temp or use OPKs this month but I couldn’t help myself. I started having twinges of ovulation pain so I bought some good OPKs and started POAS’ing last night. I did it twice yesterday and already once today-all negative. My CM is increasing so I am gonna to POAS tonight to see if we have a +OPK yet. Either way, we are BD’ing daily which started over the weekend. So no matter what we’re having fun 🙂

I’m back on the workout track and DETERMINED to not let ANYTHING derail me. I need to make up 4 workouts so instead of doing the “rest week” in P90X, I am doing 3 of the workouts this week rather than what is scheduled. Basically instead of 2 days of Core Synergistics and 2 days of Yoga X, I will be doing 1 day of Yoga,1 day of Plyometrics and 2 weights/abs workouts. I am in love with P90X and can’t believe that I’m already in Week 4!!! My arms and legs are looking awesome and I’m already feeling a difference in my abs. Seriously, best workout ever.

My attitude adjustment has stuck, though I’ve still had a few down times over the weekend. Nothing that didn’t pass relativley quickly. WE’ll see if any of that changes once injectibles are atarted again. I’m lucky that I have a great support system in real life and in the internet world. It’s makes this journey much easier.



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3 responses to “I know we’re on a break but….

  1. Just wanted to share my cardio workout – it is kick ass and defiantly a stress reliever… No one in my life over here is fit, nor cares about being fit, so it will make me feel good to share even if its not really ur thing 😛 LOL – oh you need a treadmill thou 😦

    2mins – warm up walk (6.5km/hr)
    1min – slow jog (8.5km/hr)
    1min – medium jog (11.5km/hr)
    1min – walk
    1min – fast jog (12.5km/hr)
    1min – sprint (14.5km/hr)
    1 min – walk
    2 min – medium jog
    1 min – walk
    2 min – fast jog
    1 min – sprint
    1 min – walk
    3 min – medium jog
    1 min – walk
    3 min – fast jog
    1 min – sprint
    1 min – walk
    1 min – slow jog (10km/hr)
    1 min – little bit faster (10.5km/hr)
    1 min – little more faster (11km/hr)
    1 min – even more faster (11.5km/hr)
    1 min – sprint so bloody fast you cant go on, you cant breath and you feel like your about to die, and you have to yell like a tennis player just to convince yourself to get through that last minute… EVERYTHING HURTS! (17km/hr)
    1min – walk it off

    and when your done you will feel AWESOME!

  2. Seriously – you just inspired me to be in a better mood! I think I may even go to the gym tomorrow! I totally know your feeling the need to POAS – it’s like you say you’re not going to, but then you get the slightest hint and just can’t let the opportunity pass you by! I love that they pay for your gas and meals, that’s unbelievable (I know you’re drive is really long). Glad you had such a fun weekend 😉

  3. Hey! I’ve missed reading your blog – hope everything’s ok by you 🙂 Also, when you have a chance, please check out my blog – I nominated you for (another) award!

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