I don’t have a clever title today

I’m in a bit of an infertility funk today and I blame the Army’s mandatory fun last night. P and I were forced to be a part of the unit’s children’s costume “party”. I use the word “party” loosely b/c this was thrown together in less than 24 hours and it sucked. Anyway we were surrounded by tweens, young kids, ever so cute babies and a few pregnant women. At one point I was almost in tears but I held it together. I’m having one of those “I’m sick of my friends and me dealing with infertility. Why can’t we all just be moms or moms to be?” moods. And tomorrow we are going to hand out candy because, well, it’s an excuse to eat chocolate. Overall we’re ok, really we are. We are just ready to get on to the 3rd IUI and hope that it’s the charm.

Speaking of IUIs, we should be on our way to the RE’s clinic next week for testing. We expect to get the ok and then get on track next month. I am asking the RE to give us a beta test (blood test with numbers for those who don’t know) next time so that I don’t have to POAS and worry if it’s accurate or not. We just both want to make sure we get accurate answers after the false positives last month.

Speaking of infertility, please say a prayer for my fellow IF friends. Some are in the 2ww, some have lost a baby, some just got a BFN. We all need all the help and support that we can get.

On the workout front, things are going very well 🙂 At the end of Sunday I will be 28 days through P90X. I am still excited about the program and I am thrilled with the differences that I’m seeing. I plan to do 2 workouts tomorrow (I don’t have to work until noon), 2 workouts on Saturday and one on Sunday. This is supposed to be a rest week for me but I am using it as a makeup week to catch up on the workouts that I skipped due to AF making me like poop. Yes, THAT’S how committed I am-I am doing double workouts on the weekend.

And now we wait. We wait to see if AF shows up or not. Hopefully not.


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  1. hey! Sorry you had to endure that “party”. Glad to get an update on you though! 3rd time has to be the charm, I’ll be praying for you 🙂 I’m seriously impressed with your commitment to working out like that – I have to get on track! Have a great weekend!

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