Friday Thoughts

Coming into work today, there was a different feeling on the Army post. There was more security at the gate. The guards were all businees, not there usual friendly selves. There is just an overall feeling of unease in the air. I hope that it goes back to normal soon.

I’ve been doing some research today about leukocytospermia. It looks like getting rid of the infection, whatever it is, is the only real course of action. I have a great Twitter friend who is going to also send me information about improving sperm naturally b/c I figure that anything we do can only help. We are grocery shopping tomorrow so I plan to fill our cart with tons of healthy foods. Fruits, veggies and lean proteins have GOT to at least help it a little bit. A small part of me is concerned that somehow this might be chronic or permanent. That would really break my heart. I really can’t wait for him to be able to see a urologist which will hopefully happen in the next week or so.

Speaking of infertility, I have to get some fasting bloodwork done Monday morning so that I can get refills of Metformin. The Army dr who orginally prescribed it for me is gone so my RE just wants me to have a liver panel done, then he will call in my prescription to the local pharmacy. Love my RE. I don’t even have to go to his office for the bloodwork, I can go to the Army hospital right here.

So yeah, I’m doing better today with this whole IUI#3 being on hold indefinitely. This weekend I plan to drink wine (and maybe beer), eat some organic frozen pizza and relaxing. Once AF rears her ugly head I am going to start charting on Fertility Friend. Yes, that’s right-I’m gonna chart for the next few months. I might drive myself crazy but I have to have SOME sort of control over my fertility issues. That reminds me, I must buy a BBT thermometer today. Hope that they carry those in the commissary.


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  1. I hope things go back to normal where you are too, it’s not fun to live with worry. I live in NYC, and while I’m not near a military base, the whole atmosphere of the city changed after 9/11. It’s been 8 years and I still don’t feel the same comfort level that I did before then. So anyway – I hope it improves.

    I also hope you DH gets helpful info from the urologist. Mine didn’t really – so he’s going back next week. Whatever you find out about naturally improving sperm, can you please send me a link – or post it please? I’d love to help DH out with that.

    ok- gonna try to post today – I’ve been a little out of it.

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