My new gig, eventually

I love animals. Anyone who reads my blog knows this. My long term goal is to run a no kill shelter. My short term goal is to be a professional pet sitter. I put myself on and have been lucky enough to get 2 jobs, one of which starts tomorrow.

Unlike some people I cannot wait to have a visiting, aka strange, dog in our home. He has fabulous owners who have already told me everything they know about him. He is a rescue (love) so they don’t know everything but that’s ok. I know commands to work on and I know that I can supplement his food.

I love the thought of adding a new dog to the pack for 2 days. I want our pack to get used to this b/cI really want to expand when we move to CO. I want to be able to keep 15-20 at once with no issues. I am looking in to insurance, holistic medicine and first aid. I love animals and would be so happy doing this as a full time job.

So, I am asking you blog readers for prayers /good vibes/whatever you do. I really want this. I want this to be my full time job because we need 2 incomes and I love animals and have so much patience with them.

Whatever you say/pray I thank you in advance.



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4 responses to “My new gig, eventually

  1. Being a fellow animal lover and proud owner of three dogs (our most current two – both rescues, yay!), I think this is awesome.

    Sending you prayers, good thoughts, happy ju-ju and all other good things your way.

    Enjoy your ‘houseguest’! L)

  2. Jen

    That’s fantastic! I know how much you love your furbabies. 🙂 Sending lots of good thoughts for your future!

  3. Sending you prayers! What a wonderful thing to pursue!

  4. ps- I nominated you for an award on my blog – check it out!

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